Detoxing in Phuket – what I’ve been up to

by Sylvia

detoxing in phuket

As you know I am currently detoxing at Atmanjai, in Phuket, Thailand. I’m happy to report that I’m not dead yet, and have enough energy to tell you a bit more about my experience this time around.

About Atmanjai

Atmanjai detox retreat is located in the south of Phuket, Thailand, right next to the ocean. This is great because the views are amazing from my hotel room as you could see previously. There is also a nice pool and a restaurant here, which of course I can’t use, but this would make Atmanjai and the Friendship Beach resort an ideal place if you did not want to go by yourself.

However, I would recommend that you do come by yourself to do detox. Detoxing is a very individual process and it works differently for everyone. It’s important that you are able to rest whenever you want to and stick to your own schedule.

detox retreat Thailand

Day 1

My first day at Atmanjai started with an introduction talk. Here you will get introduced to your lovely (not!) shakes that you will need to drink on a regular basis throughout your fast. The rest of the day was spent with doing yoga, calimas, a massage, relaxing and a bit of swimming. I felt extremely tired after this first day, so I went to bed early and could be fit the next day for the 7 am start.

Day 2

My legs felt a bit shaky when I woke up the second day. I recognised this from my previous detox where I also experienced some mild nausea and lack of energy. The feeling quickly subsided though after a calima and a bit of rest. The rest of the day was actually quite busy with massage, ultrasonic zapping and an extra therapy session aimed at improving posture which is called Feldenkreis. Will need to tell you more about that later.

It is worth noting also that you do not feel hungry during a fast which is managed in this way. The shakes will see to that and the supplements will ensure that you do not lack any important nutrients. The desire for something nice to eat is still there of course, but that decreases as the days progress. And you always have your lovely broth to look forward to in the evenings!

Day 3

I had hoped that I would wake up with vast energy on day 3, but unluckily I felt the same lack of energy and discomfort as on day 2. I still dragged myself to yoga, as just showing up gives you benefits (I was told). I was able to participate for the most part and was glad I went in the end. I started to feel better as the day progressed and feeling absolutely wonderful in the evening.

This day included yoga, calemas, massage, zapping, bouncing, swimming, steam bath and medidation. I also had a special treatment which I had done at my previous detox, where a woman massages your internal organs, espcially around the tummy region, and aligns them. I will never know if the detox solved my stomach cramp issues or this lady, but I wanted to make sure that the cramp sstayed away, so I booked her just in case.

Day 4

I’m happy to report that I felt very energetic the whole day. Instead of yoga we had a walk this morning which was a great start of the day. Went through all the usual activities as described before and generally felt very good indeed. We ended our program with a lovely view of the sunset.

sunset in Phuket

Tomorrow will be my last day and I’m looking forward to it. It will be packed with the usual activities again, so no time to feel hungry. Hopefully either tomorrow or over the weekend, I can tell you a bit more about results and final thoughts on this detox retreat in Thailand.

Thanks for reading. Hope you are having a wonderful week too!

p.s.: For the other 2 articles in this series see also: 1. what is detoxing and 3. detox results

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Jean at Dross into Gold

This looks divine. How wonderful you are able to combine such a beautiful setting with a healthy “re-set”.


I know! It’s the perfect combination. It really helps to do the detox in such a wonderful place.


The place looks beautiful and the massage sounds delightful!


The massages are the best. They are just so good at that in Thailand!

Greetje Kamminga

I am quite curious to hear how you start eating “normal” again.


See my follow-up article which is online now!

Anne @ The Frump Factor

Hope you continue feeling well and that you get out of this everything you hope for. It looks like such a gorgeous spot — there’s a gentleness to the tropical landscape that just looks so soothing.


Phuket certainly is the place to detox and restore balance to your life. Having lived in Rawai, Phuket for over 2 years, I enjoy the healthy lifestyle that this beautiful island offers.


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