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by Sylvia

Helen Mirren style icon fashion icon |

Helen Mirren, born in 1945, is a true over 40 style icon. She is one lady who knows how to dress with class and style, while still adding her own edge to clothes. It’s people like Helen Mirren that make you unafraid of getting older!

She shows us how flattering it is for women over 60 to wear the figure hugging dress (not too tight however), with a strong accent on the waist,  that stops just over the knee.  The red dress above and the 2 dresses below are prime examples of that.

style icon helen mirren

Get the look:

Blue cocktail dressHigh waist beltKnee length cocktail dressT-strap cross heels

Helen Mirren looks equally good in a pant suit like the one featured below. And she knows how to dress in style for big award ceremonies. The red dress below is unique and flattering. I just love the way she covered up her arms.

Aging in style Helen Mirren

Get the look:

Gray blazer –  Tailored straight leg black pantsLace cardiganCrimson red dress

She is the master of finding ingenious ways to look glamorous in evening wear and knows how to cover up the arms in elegant ways. And look how she is going all out in a leopard print dress! Although I prefer the more elegant look on Helen, I think she is one of the few ladies over 60 that can pull off this look. Every now and then she just wants to remind us all just how much guts and character she still has!

Helen Mirren fashion

Get the look:

Formal gray gownLong silk dress – Bold print gown

I’m a big fan of Helen Mirren both as an actress and as a great style icon for over 40 women. I hope she does not slow down any day soon.

How do you feel about Helen Mirren’s style?

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Helen Mirren style icon fashion icon |

Images from Womand & Home and Glamour

1 Suzanne

She is fabulous! Helen is a woman who I think of as a style icon regardless of her age. I don’t say “She looks good for a woman over 50”, I say “She looks great!” even when she is standing next to the 30 year olds. 🙂 I think she truly knows and likes herself and that is a perfect example for any female to follow. I am also impressed that she can wear soft colors (like gray) or bright colors (like red) and rock both looks. She is a leader – not a slave to fashion.

2 Sylvia

Totally agree Suzanne!

3 Tracey

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE Helen Mirren. She is currently leading in my survey on the best dressed over 40 on the red carpet this year. So apparently I am not the only one who thinks that.

4 Sylvia

She is a true inspiration!

5 Nanne

She’s one stylish lady! I agree with Suzanne, and I actually think that sometimes she looks even better on the red carpet than many of the younger women. I think it has to do with the way she carries herself, and the fact that she really knows how to wear a dress. Plus she’s got an amazing figure for a woman her age!

6 Sylvia

“I think it has to do with the way she carries herself” I think that’s it, she knows who she is!

7 GreetjeKamminga

What can I add? I totally agree with all of you. Apart from the best dresser she also has a very pretty face. Loved her in Calender Girls. And of course as queen Elizabeth.

8 Sylvia

Yes she has been lucky with her beauty and did a lot with it!

9 The Style Crone

I am a fan! She looks like she’s enjoying herself as well, which adds to her appeal for me. I am seeing more style icons over 40, which adds to the pleasures of aging.

10 Pomodoro Fashion

Couldn’t agree with you more. Helen Mirren is an inspiration to us all!

She always gets it right, from stunning red carpet looks to the smart, ladylike suits – and even when she’s dressing down she still looks great. The animal print is my fave – it’s beautiful, but adventurous!

11 Jean at Dross into Gold

I don’t follow celebrities too much, but this compilation is fabulous. She’s absolutely gorgeous and I would consider her a style icon any day!! Thanks for the show!!

Love, Jean

12 Sylvia

You are welcome! Thanks for stopping by.

13 atlasphere

LOVE Helen Mirren!

14 Compositionzerotwo

I Love the look of helen Mirren . She is real fashion icon and role model.

15 Sarah Reynolds

I wish I could afford to dress like Helen Mirren, her style is absolutely sensational.
Regardless of her age…What everyday fashion house could these styles be purchased?
As you can guess I am of a similiar age…

16 Sylvia

Most of the looks I featured above are for evening and were all high profile designer dresses. So I would say go to a good local store for that. As for other stylish looks, you will just need to pick out the best from other highstreet and designer stores. I made a list of good online stores also which you can find at:

17 jacqui

Hi sylvia, It is quite a privilege for me because for the past thirty years I have been told how much I look like Helen Mirren when she was a little younger. I’ve had people on a train comment, on a visit to a spa, in a restaurant, at the Ideal Home show, at work and many more, every time she appears on TV I guarantee some one makes a comment the following day! I just wished I could find those lovely little cover ups and dresses with sleeves that she wears. It’s so hard to find these items off the peg, when are designers going to catch on, almost every evening dress/gown is sleevless and above the knee – why when us ladies want to cover our arms and knees!

18 Sylvia

You are one lucky woman Jacqui to be looking like her! I know it’s hard. Hopefully sites like mine will help bring more attention to the issue…

19 Eileen

Love Helen, love dresses! Dresses make women look fabulous! You go Helen! Make us hope for more glam!

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