Channeling Coco Chanel: wearing her iconic jackets

by Sylvia

Chanel Exhibition The Hague, The Netherlands

Yesterday I showed you what me and my friends wore to the Chanel exhibition in The Hague. Let’s look at the actual exhibition itself. 

The exhibition chronicles the life of Coco Chanel and her achievements as a design. Above are some of her designs from the 30s.


Coco Chanel is also famous for her little black dress. Here are a number of her creations. Which model is your favorite?


She made a comback in the 1950s where she create the iconic Chanel suit.


When Coco Chanel died, other designers were hired to continue the Chanel brand. Karl Lagerfeld started in 1983 and has been its creative director ever since.




We also had the opportunity to channel a bit of Coco Chanel. Some of her iconic jackets were available for a special photo shoot. Lighting was already setup. All we had to do is wear the jackets and take our own photos. Here are the results!

Chanel-26 Chanel-25   Chanel-22 Chanel-21



The Chanel exhibition takes place at Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, The Netherlands until 2/2/2014. More info here.

So what do you think? Who wears the Chanel jacket the best?


1 traceyliz65

Wow, what a wonderful exhibit! I am so wishing I could have been there! Love her classic Chanel jackets in the tweeds….

2 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

How fun that must have been! The little black dresses are so timeless, and that jacket shape has survived for six decades already, and going strong.

3 chicatanyage

Chanel jackets are eternally gorgeous and what a great idea to be able to try some on.

4 Greetje

I think Saskia in the top photo looks as if she always wears Chanel jackets. And you in the last photo look good too (although you were closing your eyes).
For me it was a confirmation that these jackets look horrible on me. I need a collar.

5 Lorraine

It looks really interesting. How much fun to actually try the jackets!

6 denton

Being able to try them and take photos on must have been a blast. In the US they’d steal the jackets and probably the lights too. lol. And you really do look great in that last photo.

7 Heather

One of my goals I’m life is to own a real Chanel suit, the classic tweed kind, but even the used ones sold at my local consignment shop are out of my budget. There’s another problem too: they don’t look good on my figure. It’s frustrating, but there you have it! Thank you for sharing your trip to the exhibit! Love seeing the photos of you posing in jackets at the end.

8 Sylvia

The Chanel jacket does not look good on everyone and I for one am not a big of it for myself…

9 denton

Heather and all, being a fan of the jackets myself, a few months ago I found out about a book by a Chanel collector titled ‘Couture Sewing: The Couture Cardigan Jacket’, by Claire Shaeffer. In it she shows how to deconstruct and sew your own, it also comes with an instructional DVD. There are also photos of some stunning jackets in her collection! But one of the most interesting things I read was that back in the 1950s Chanel licensed the right to various American manufacturers to produce authorized copies. In most cases Chanel shared the sourcing of the fabrics and buttons. According to the book, the largest and most important manufacturer of licensed copies was Davidow. I’ve seen some very nice pieces of theirs on ebay.

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