A few ideas for your spring and summer outfits

by Sylvia

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I showed you this blue ensemble before, but as I believe in shopping my own wardrobe, here it is worn with red.


Notice how versatile this top is too. The look is completely different depending if you tie it at the back or the front.

This is what it looks like when I tie the top in the back.



And tied in the front.



I have added my leather jacket here.

I must say I’m not really liking both the earrings AND the red sunglasses. However, I wore this as indoor outfit and the splash of red from my earrings added that nice pop of color which always looks nice near my face.


Here is another outfit I recently wore, embracing nature colors.

It’s funny how these used to be my staple colors whereas nowadays I hardly wear them any more. Please note that these pants were not properly tied up (that’s why you need a stylist when you take photographs!).

summeroutfitsopt    summeroutfits-2opt

A few more summer looks shared on Instagram.


What are you looking forward to wearing this season?


1 Aileen

Hello Sylvia,
I love the colour combination of the green trousers with the lighter section in the middle and dark top, it all works beautifully together. Also the cut of the lighter top peeping out, but of course you look great in all the shots.
Spring is about to arrive here and I definitely need to turn my thoughts to my wardrobe and see what’s in storage there. Over the dark winter months I’ve been wearing mainly dark trousers/jeans and several warm tops. It’s difficult to look stylish under so many thick layers.
I know I need to weed out and update my wardrobe, but I’ve been putting off the dreaded day as long as possible! I find it hard to get rid of things which I’ve not had a lot of wear out of, but are looking dated. I think that’s a ‘Scottish’ trait!

2 Sylvia

It’s always tough. Good luck with that and spring is almost here!

3 nancy

It still is very cold here in the Netherlands but I am preparing for Spring. I’ve ordered some great dresses and saw a few that I have to have! I love spring, alll those brights colors and feminine garments.

4 Sylvia

Yes it’s the best season. I miss all the different seasons here…

5 lkla

All perfect! Where did you get the blue patterned top???

6 Sylvia
7 Jodie filogomo

I love the pop of color with the red shoes (and accessories) with the blue shirt & trousers! I was just talking to a group of older ladies, and encouraging them to not always “match” their shoes to the outfit! This is a perfect example!! jodie

8 Sylvia

Thanks Jodie. Glad you like it!

9 Sunday

Just found your site. I see heels in most of your photos — what does a 50-something mom wear when she is touring college campuses and walking walking walking with her 20 something kid? It’s 80 degrees in the southwest, we’ll be there a week. Need to look stylish enough, meeting administration staff, but can’t wear cute ballet flats and long pants. Will be sweating. Also meeting with athletic coaches and spending time at baseball fields. The young women wear shorts, but anything above the knee is OUT for me. Chubby thighs. Also not obese but very busty and not into showing that off. Just want to cry when I look at clothes — I’m a frump.

10 Sylvia

I wear flats too very regularly. You may find this article interesting https://40plusstyle.com/how-to-wear-shoes/ If you have lost your style groove you may find this article interesting https://40plusstyle.com/how-to-get-out-of-a-style-rut/ There are many more articles in the how to dress category on this site. Good luck!

11 Martina

I like combinations between blue and red – the red bag and the shoes are perfect. And the red sunglasses 🙂 – I love them.
Greetings from Martina – Munich

12 Sylvia

Thanks so much Martina

13 Zara John

You are looking awesome in all outfits. And thank you for this useful blog.

14 beate

i like how you tied the pants leisurely! 🙂
and the blue print top and the white with the little holes are totally pretty!!!
all your looks are so fresh and charming!!!!
and i have the same thing with big earrings and sunnies – difficult pairing sometimes….

15 Sabina @Oceanblue Style at Manderley

Love that top Sylvia. And the red sandals with it. And the pants. Why are there never ever any stylits around when we need them 😉 I totally here you. Sabina

16 Denton

Nothing like red white and blue 🙂

17 Greetje

Very good Sylvia. All lovely outfits. I am shopping in my closet too. For the first time. Hurray.

18 Joy

Hi there!

I love the outfits that you have shown. I am about 5′ tall, do you think that a short person as myself will be able to ‘pull these off’ and look as good? I am 63,although not terribly over weight,I can stand to lose some weight however, like most of us at this age, my shape isn’t the same as it was when I was in my 30’s! GRAVITY!! I too am busty, which bothers me, short of a breast reduction I am not sure what to do to make myself look not so busty.

19 Sylvia

Yes I think so as the tops are short and the pants are fitted. You just want to get the right proportions on my body using the rule of thirds (something I discuss in detail in my courses). As for looking less busty you may enjoy this article https://40plusstyle.com/how-to-dress-when-you-have-a-large-bust/

20 Polly

Hi Sylvia… I’m a part time reader of your blog, but you just popped up again as I was googling for info the Dressing Your Truth type 3/4… thrilled to see that you are one too. It seems an unusual type. It looks like you are incorporating that here — is it still an influence? I’ll be checking back — I need help!

21 Sylvia

No I basically just wear what I like….

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