40+Style Casual Summer Style Challenge – look 4 – Combining a bomber jacket with a skirt

by Sylvia

40+Style Casual Summer Style Challenge - look 4 - Combining a bomber jacket with a skirt | 40plusstyle.com

Welcome to day 4 of the 40+Style Casual Summer Style Challenge!

This challenge is now finished but you can still participate and get the complete shopping list and all outfits. Just Click below to get access!


Those of you who have signed up have already received your shopping lists and your outfits for the first week. So many of you have shared your outfits already in our private Facebook community. I love the huge diversity of looks! let’s keep it going for day 4.

Let’s get started with outfit 4


Here are the items for the outfit

(Printed) bomber jacket

This is definitely your most ‘showiest’ and trendiest item. It is aimed at giving the capsule that extra spark. However, if you are not into bold prints or prefer an outer layer that is more neutral, feel free to pick a jacket in a more neutral color and without print. A shorter jacket is best as it’s easier to layer and wear with your skirt.


White blouse

Just like white pants, a white blouse or top is very versatile and can act as a great base or be worn on its own. Although the first blouse looks the most like the blouse I own, mine is actually cotton. Any white top will do and it’s up to you if you prefer a collar or not. Be sure to pick a top though that is easy to layer but can stand on its own.


Denim skirt

Super relaxed and great for casual occasions. Dress it up or down. Mine is made of thin denim and is stretchy so it’s super comfortable.


How I styled my outfit

There are several ways to style your bomber jacket with your denim skirt.

The first option is to wear your shirt over the skirt, which is the most casual option.


You can also choose to tuck in your top but leave the jacket open. If you are adventurous, you can opt for a contrasting belt with or without print. I actually like how the striped belt works with the jacket and this is my preferred way to wear this outfit.


I also like the closed-up version.


And here is a final option with the belt showing.


I chose to emphasize the contrasting colors in my jacket and opted for red accessories that stand out. However, if you feel that the jacket is already colorful enough then neutral accessories will work well too.


Outfit details:
Jacket: Zara
Chinos: Zara
Shirt: Sportsgirl (old)
Shoes: ToBe
Ring: Linnie McLarty
Sunglasses: Loewe
Red bag: brand unknown

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I look forward to seeing how you style today’s outfit!


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1 Jodie filogomo

This is really a great idea! I’ve worn my bomber jacket once with my maxi dress, but not my jean skirt!

2 Sylvia

Thanks. I think it’s a great casual chic look! Definitely try it out.

3 Samantha

I am loving this series, Sylvia.
This bomber look is my favourite…..so far!

4 Sylvia

Great to read that you enjoy it Samantha!

5 Suzanne

Love this bomber jacket look!

I’ve been tempted over some bomber jackets I’ve seen online but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I keep hoping I’ll come across one while thrifting.


6 Sylvia

They would definitely suit you. Would highlight your tiny waist!

7 Greetje

I like your outfit best with the shirt tucked in, the belt and the jacket open.

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