What is your real age? Have you found out yet?

by Sylvia

Real age test to find out your real age

Have you heard of the real age test? You may have seen it on Oprah or read about it in the newspapers, but if not, I will briefly explain what it is.

The Real Age test was developed by a number of doctors, including Dr Roizen, Oz, and Roach, as a means to determine what your REAL AGE is as opposed to your actual age. Your real age is determined by factors such as health, relationships, diet and fitness and can be younger or older than your actual age. If your real age is less than your actual age, it means that you are healthier than the average person is at that age. The test will tell you where you are thriving and where improvements can be made.

You can actually take this test online for free and I just did it.

What is my Real Age?

My real age came out as 41.3. I’m happy to report that my real age is lower than my actual age which is 45 (phew…) but to be honest this test is pretty subjective. Like many other tests it’s easy to manipulate, so it’s important to stay honest if you want to get a score that reflects your real situation. However, there are a lot of good things about this test. It takes quite a bit of time and there are a lot of questions, as the doctors try to cover all the important areas that their studies have determined, influence your age.


In the health section, you can expect questions not only about yourself, but also your parents. Be prepared for questions on height and weight in feet and inches. (I managed to fill these in with the help of some converters as I count in meters and kilos.). You will also be asked for some numbers on your chloresterol level and blood pressure so if you have done some tests frequently, it is good to keep those handy. There are quite a few questions in the health section, as it is a pretty obvious way to determine real age. You will score better here if you generally feel pretty healthy.


In the feelings section you will be asked how you currently feel about your own life and your friends. It is generally known that people that have a good social life or a positive outlook, will feel happier and therefore younger.


In the diet section you can expect questions on your eating habits. As you can imagine, the healthier you eat, the better you will feel, the younger your real age will be.


The last section of the test deals with fitness and exercize. Expect questions on your exercize routines.


After filling in all the questions you will receive your results instantly online. Even accompanied with a special video for your score from the doctors themselves. It also highlights the areas you need to work on. Even though I was a couple of years younger than my actual age, there were still quite a few areas where I could make improvements, most notably:

  • Increase the number of daily wholegrains
  • Eat more fruit
  • Increase muscle strengthening exercizes
  • Ditch the processed foods

The test actually gives you a detailed explanation of all the things you can do to decrease your real age and improve your health.

Should you take the test?

All in all the real age test is a good well-balanced test that will serve as a good reminder for you to take action in some of the areas where you are falling behind. So yes, it’s worthwhile taking. When you do I hope you will come back to this site and let me khow you did.

Right now, do you feel that your ‘real age’ would be younger or older than your current age?

1 Heather Fonseca

I did the test once years go and found it interesting. I think I was younger than my actual age too. Your analysis is very accurate too, a lot of the test is subjective and it’s very long.

2 Sylvia

Well done Heather!

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