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by Sylvia

Write for 40PlusStyle

I accept guest posts from fellow bloggers and readers who love to share their stories with us.

I loved the articles written my readers Suzanne (What is the secret to looking amazing and youthful at 40+), Anja (how to cover your upper arms while staying stylish and cool) and Shannon (featuring 40+ stylish woman Val). A good guest post by a fellow blogger is 3 tops and 3 bottoms = 1 week of style from Heidi.

I would love to publish more great articles like these so I have decided to open up this site up for guest writers, albeit with some very clear rules and guidelines.

What kind of articles am I looking for?

I love articles that talk about personal experiences that relate to looking and feeling fabulous after 40. All the articles mentioned above are a great example of that.

  • Tell a story on how you arrived at your current style or how you came out of your style rut.
  • Document how you dress for your body type or how you experimented with different types of clothes (with lots of photos).
  • Have a specific skill? Write a great ‘how to’ article that my audience can benefit from with either videos or photos.
  • Had a significant life experience that affected your life in a major way, tell us the story.
  • Do you have brilliant style, beauty or fashion advice? Let us know.
  • Do you make fantastic collages (through Polyvore), show us your ideas on how to dress for a certain situation or for a specific trend.
  • Still don’t have any inspiration for an article but love to write for us, I have a large list of story ideas. If you tel me more about you or your expertise I may give you a topic.

These are just some general ideas, but use your creativity and keep the 40+ audience in mind!

What are the benefits of getting published at 40+Style?

  • You have a chance to connect with the many 40+Style readers (more than 100,000 visitors every month).
  • Help other readers by sharing your personal experience. You may be amazed how much it could help them.
  • You may meet some new friends as readers reply to your content in the comments and connect with you.
  • I will personally optimize your article so it gets found in Google. If you write about a popular topic it may give you a continuous stream of visitors to your site.
  • An optional permanent link at 40PlusStyle.

General guidelines:

Due to the large amount of spam and promotional pitches I receive and to ensure that only quality articles are published at 40+Style I’m going to be strict. Please read carefully and only submit an article if your comply with these guidelines:

  1. The article needs to be at least  400 words long.
  2. Every article on 40+ Style needs a photo. If you don’t own a good photo (for which you own the copyright) then provide ideas as to what kind of photo your article should have.
  3. If the article is about your unique style be sure to provide lots of high quality photos of at least 600pixels wide. These articles too need to be at least 400 words long. Talk about your style secrets or how you came to find your own unique style.
  4. Articles cannot be promotional in any way and need to contain information that is either entertaining, inspirational or helpful to my audience.
  5. I will not accept any articles by brands or shops. If you have something to promote please enquire about our advertising options.
  6. I will not accept any articles by freelance writers that write for brands. If the article has any promotional content or is written for a brand you need to make use of one of our advertising options.
  7. You will receive one link to a page of your choice in your author profile which can be a facebook page or your blog. As mentioned before, I do not accept any links to promotional pages of any kind. If the blog is from a brand, then refer to point 5.
  8. Be very sparse with any links in the article or leave them out altogether. Your article needs to have all the essential information. Any links that you do include need to be very relevant and only provide additional info that is essential to the article itself.
  9. I reserve the right to edit your article as I see fit. That includes editing the heading and titles of your your article. Please carefully check the spelling and structure of your article before submitting. If your article is full of grammar errors or sloppily presented, I will reject it automatically.
  10. Any article that is submitted to 40+Style needs to be original and cannot be published anywhere else. It also needs to be 100% your own work.
  11. Only high quality articles are accepted and I can never guarantee that an article you submit will be published. Of course I will always inform you of my decision and give you feedback on the reasons.
  12. If your article is accepted, please make sure to engage with my audience and reply to any comments your article will get.

How to submit an article?

  1. Please be sure to read the guidelines as described above and adhere to them.
  2. Send the article to sylvia [at] 40plusstyle.com or use the contact form together with the bio you want attached to the article.
  3. You are welcome to pitch the article idea to me before you write it and I will give you feedback on whether or not it’s a good fit for 40+Style. Please be sure to include the bio that you want included with your article, together with any optional link, so I can get an idea about who you are.
  4. I will notify you if your article is accepted or if any editing should be done. Please leave a space of at least one week for me to reply to you.
  5. I will only respond to pitches that are directed to me personally (which means you have to start the article with my name!)

Are you keen to give it a go? I look forward to receiving your articles!



You have a very inquisitive and detail mind, I like that because I’m that way too.
I also like how you lay out all of the articles expectations but gave the writer many options to create his/hers article.


Yes a task oriented person I’m afraid… At least I get things done haha.

Trina Grandinetti

Now, this is what I call a challenge. I’m probably keen to give it a go. I sure hope others will climb on board as well, it would be delightful to read what others are thinking and writing.


I look forward to receiving your submission Trina!


Sylvia, you are very generous with your blog and so inclusive. I think that’s one of the reasons I feel so welcome here:) I’d love to submit something to you at some stage.


Thank you Deborah. That is nice to hear. I look forward to your article!

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