If you have a look at some of the main style icons like Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn, their eternal style is characterized by a very elegant look. Simple lines, not too many frills and signature pieces (like Jackie O’s sunglasses and Audrey Hepburn’s shawls). As you know I am a fan of both ladies.

In some of the style books I have read lately, very often examples are given of ladies who have very few but high quality pieces and wear them repeatedly. They have a clear signature style and exude elegance and class. I admire that.

I also love women like Iris Apfel,  The style Crone and the Advanced Style ladies who have such a unique style and are constantly pushing their boundaries with new styles and ideas. I love that too.

A style dilemma

So here is is the dilemma that you may or may not have also. Although I would love to be this really classy woman with just a few super high quality pieces and a clear signature look, which in my case could be dressy pants with a classy asymmetrical top, I am constantly looking for the new and different. I hop from one style to another and I love fashion. I simply cannot go for just one style.

In the process I risk not being labelled as stylish, I will probably never bceome a style icon (just kidding), and some of my creations will be absolute fashion disasters. (certainly when you look back on them in 10 years time). If anything, as I get older, I want to be MORE daring, buy more unique outfits and take even more risks. This goes completely against the ‘signature style’ and ‘elegance’ so advocated by many of the style professionals.

Then again, on other days, I feel like sticking to a minimalist style: concentrate on the basics and just accessorize with a few special accessories. Keep it super elegant and chic. I think at the end of the day, that’s truer to my nature.

How to solve this?

It’s up to you if you consider this an issue. If you want to fully consistent with you style you may have to play it safe and go the chic and elegant route.

Or you can just accept that you are all over the place. Perhaps it does not need to be ‘solved’ and you and me can just have fun with our clothes.

As for me, I’m not yet able or willing to stick to a consistent ‘safe’ style. I will just go with the flow and buy clothes on impulse and intuition together with planned ensembles and essential basics to make sure that I have a versatile wardrobe. I feel that in essence I’m a minimalist, but a minimalist who likes interesting details and is always looking for great lines and silhouettes. I’m always attracted to new trends. I wonder if I will ever truly find one style that I can absolutely stick to.

In the end our style will always evolve.

That is a good thing because fashion and dressing yourself needs to be creative and exciting. At the very least I think it is important to truly understand yourself. To really understand your body and how you can best compliment it with the right clothes. It is also essential to choose clothes that suit your personality!

It’s not absolutely necessary to have a clear label for your style and stick to only ‘safe and elegant’ items. When you understand some of the key points about yourself and what works for you, you can just go with the flow. If you have trouble doing that then I highly recommend my my style course which is sure to let you discover your own unique style or cohesive style elements and will help you to dress better.

I like to hear from you!

Do you have a very clearly defined style? Or do you jump from one style to the next? How important is a cohesive style to you?

Photo above from the Hussein Chalayan Spring / Summer 2013 collection, who will be coming to Singapore’s Audi Fashion week this week, together with Carolina Herrara, Colette Dinnigan and others. For more info and tickets you can check out their website. I will attend a few shows so will be back with more info and impressions of Singapore’s major fashion event!

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