The beauty of the Yellowstone National Park – part 2

by Sylvia

The beauty of the Yellowstone National Park |

Today let’s have a look at some more images from my visit to Yellowstone National Park. In the first part you saw some of the canyons, alpine rivers, bizons, lush forests and liberty cap. Today let’s look at some of the hot springs and gushing geysers, including its most famous, Old Faithful. 

If you like to see larger versions of these images, you can also see them on my photography site. They are at page 3 of the travel catgory.



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After a wonderful visit to the Yellowstone National Park we headed south and drove through the Grand Teton National Park.



Next stop on our trip: Boulder, Colorado! Stay tuned.


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1 Rita

Amazing photos. You definitely captured the essence of the area!


2 Patti

Magnificent! Such natural beauty. xo


3 Elaine

Beautiful pictures. I recognize the Prismatic and Old Faithful areas. Would love to return there someday!


4 Greetje

The sites look like jewels, like precious stones. Beautiful. And you look good as well. Amazing after all this time. But you do look good in thos sneakers, white trousers and fun T shirt. Together with that smart buy bag…. well done.


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