Scarf or handkerchief dresses are HOT, here are some of the best

by Sylvia

scarf dresses

1. Macys 2. Macys 3. Max & Cleo 4. Calvin Klein

A fun new trend that is emerging for Spring / Summer 2012,  are the new scarf and handkerchief dresses. I think this is a fun trend that would suit many over 40 women. They are great to wear alone on a warm Spring or Summer day, or wear them as tunics over your capris or long pants. I had a look online and here are some great dresses I found!

Affordable Scarf dresses

Loving all the affordable scarf dresses above!

Splurge scarf dresses

If you really want to spoil yourself then these dresses are a true treat! As you will expect most of these scarf dresses are made out of silk.

silk scarf dresses

1. Ssense silk wrap dress 2. Anna Sui diamond scarf dress 3. Escada 4.Ivanka Trump

Rubber Ducky Satin Dresses on sale!

Rubber Ducky seems to specialize in the longer scarf dress. They are all on sale right now and cost $59.99. Here are a few colours:

Rubber ducky scarf dresses

1. green purple 2. orange brown 3. green

What do you think about these handkerchief and scarf dresses? Will you get one this Summer?

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I actually have not seen this style on my shopping trips this Spring but it might be a little early here (USA Mid-West). It snowed yesterday morning. I think these looks are lovely. I like that white and black Ssense silk wrap dress. It is elegant, even from the back and side. I also think one of the longer Rubber Ducky dresses might be fun for an outdoor party but I would have to try it on to make sure it doesn’t look like a nightgown.
You always find us such interesting clothing to contemplate! 🙂


Wow, still having snow! I’ve seen them quite a lot in shops here. H&M has them and Zara has a few nice ones too. They’re fun, light and colourful and make for great tunics too!


I did find some of these looks on a shopping trip yesterday and I do like them – in both long and short versions. I actually saw the Calvin Klein in the first row but it was sold out in the smaller sizes. It would be cute as a tunic over leggings. And I saw a Michael Kors draped asymmetric midi skirt that I knew you would love Sylvia. 🙂 I ended up buying a Ralph Lauren golf outfit as our Country Club opens next Monday and I have a pressing need for athletic clothes but I am sure I will own a scarf dress – probably the long version – soon. They just say “Summer Party” to me.


Pity they did not have the Calvin Klein dress in your size. I really like that one and think it would look great. Yes, you’re right they do scream Summer and look like a lot of fun to wear…


I like the definition that the rims make. I have a handkerchief skirt from last year. I will try out a couple of outfits and upload them tomorrow or the day after on your Forum. Would like a dress as well, but have not seen them in the shops yet.


Great! Look forward to seeing it.


I find myself drawn to scarf print dresses (and blouses) but I’m still a little bit reluctant to purchase one, as I’m still a bit “pattern-shy” when it comes to clothing. I’m afraid I’ll wear it once and then leave it hanging in my closet, that has happened before with items that I initially liked but found to be not quite right for me. I guess I could buy an inexpensive dress, though:) Handkerchief hems are not my style, but still something that I can appreciate on others.


Yes, safer to buy a cheaper one in that case!


Nrs 4 Calvin Klein and nr 4 Ivanka Trump I like, but basically I don’t like scarf dresses/tops, especially not if they are very obviously ‘scarf’ dresses, like the Rubber Ducky types…. So no, not for me thanks;-)


Surprising! I thought you would have liked scarf dresses….


Hahaha…glad I can surprise you. No, but seriously; I wanted to put into words why not, but I did not succeed. I don’t seem to know why;-). My resentment is strongest with the Rubber Ducky ones, so I guess it is the model/design of those dresses.


I prefer the Calvin Klein (but a bit longer please) and the Escada (with sleeves and a bit longer, which would of course ruin the whole dress).
And the Rubber Ducky ones I appreciate for the clear lines down the middle and along the hem, which is probably why Tangobabe doesn’t like them: too obvious a handkerchief haha.


Yes loving that one too and for me it has the perfect tunic size. Perfect for the beach also! Escada is great too. I think these lengths are great as they can easily be worn as tunics this way.


I have uploaded photos of my handkerchief skirt to your Style Forum in the section How to dress over 40. As I have a question about the hemline.


Great. You can find my comments there.

Heather Fonseca

Scarf dresses were hugely popular here in LA a few years ago, but so much so that I don’t think I can wear them again for a while, which is too bad because theyre very flattering. I do like the asymmetrical one in the second group though. It’s very cool!


Interesting. I don’t think I have worn one ever, so would be ready for it…


I love the short scarf dresses because I am short. I would love to try those if I could find one. ^_^


In addition to the above there a few good ones at Zara and H&M. Good luck finding!

Ark and Co Gal

The thing I like about the scarf dresses is that not only do they look good on young girls like me, but they also look great on a little bit older women as well. It’s not an age specific dress, instead it flatters women of all ages. And the dresses are also versatile and work for casual occasions as well as for a little bit more dressy ones.


Yes very true!

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