A while ago I featured a lady in a Saturday dress, whom I met at the In Situ launch. Intrigued by the unusual design of the dress and its asymmetry, I was determined to keep an eye out for the brand. So when I recently visited local department store Tang’s who stores the brand, I was keen to have a look.

I was lucky as there was a sale going on and I spotted this lovely green, grey dress. This dress complied with a lot of my requirements in a garment. It’s made of cotton, has a unique design, has an asymmetric design element which I always enjoy and a relatively high neckline.

green dress (3 of 5)

It’s also a very versatile dress as I could wear it as a standalone dress, wear over pants or leggings or scrunch it up so it looks more like a top. It was an easy buying decision.

On these photos you will see it as I will wear this dress most, worn over pants. I find this a comfortable, trendy look which is perfect for the Singapore (air-conditioned) indoors.

green dress (2 of 5)

Featured also are my nails and toe nails, whose gel nails still impaccable. Although some of the silver and gold add-ons have fallen off, the gel has still not loosened or chipped. Very impressive! My nails have never been so long in my life and I had to cut them shorter with a nail clipper as they were starting to get too impractical.

green dress (1 of 2)

I will have to make a decision pretty soon, on how I will proceed with my nails. Apply some gel again in preparation for my trip to Europe and the US and maintain it, or go back to natural nails?  I must say I have loved the ease of the well-manicured nails that stay perfect for 3 weeks.

green dress (2 of 2)

My toe nails still look perfect too. For recommendations of shoes check out this page.

What has been your latest summer purchase?


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