How do you mange your bags?

I have personally gone from a super practical Dutch girl that used to have one stylish, but comfortable back pack that went with everything, to a large assortment of bags that I constantly mix & match with my outfits. Most of my outfits now don’t feel complete without the perfect bag. The back pack is a relic from the past and instead I have embraced bags in all kinds of colors and patterns.

I asked the same question on my Facebook page and it seems that the changers from the non-changers are almost split half way. Here are some of the answers to my question:

The non-changers

Nanda: “I have quite a few bags and I would like to change it with every outfit, but the truth is that I have no time for that, so I just change bags once in a while”.

Laura: “Nope–same old bag all the time. I just make sure that it’s a nice neutral and has all the bells and whistles I need to make my life easier!”

Radin: “No change. Safe the hassle to avoid important things to bring along.”

Lorraine Rose: “Mostly the same, who can afford to change it?”

Rita: “I change my bags every month or so, unless I’m doing something slightly grubby, then I toss everything into my nylon tote for the day. My bags are all some shade of neutral so they work with everything. I have some very nice ones and I mostly change so that I’ll use them all and not wear any one out.”

Emily: “Change periodically, but tend to dress in same color family for a while and then switch, so do the same with bags. My daughter turned me on to the joy of a large bag.”

Luciana: “I wear a bag for a few weeks, sometimes for a month or more, and than I change for another one. If I keep changing bagas everyday I’d forget something I need…. It does not work for me. Now I am wearing a lime yellow one that I love.”

Cynthia: “Once I find a purse I like, I keep it until it falls apart. I’m particular about a bag’s features.”

Silvia: “Only when dressing up hate changing it and forget things.”

The changers

Aileen: “Change with every outfit, but a good tip I heard recently was to put all the important items into a little bag which can be easily moved from one bag to the next.”

Noeline: “I coordinate with my outfit. I have a few cosmetic size bags in which I place all the things I need to put in my bag + my wallet – that way it takes no time at all to swop bags and I don’t end up leaving anything vital behind.”

Lonie: “I change my bag with every outfit. If just going down the Village I use any bag that happens to be handy lol”

Tracey: “Change it for each outfit”.

Zaidah: “Change every time and follow my outfit color”.

Cara: “Change it up!”

Trina: “Change with outfits.”

Vita: “Change it.”

As mentioned above, I’m now firmly in the changers camp as I see the bag as a great tool to add extra interest to an outfit. As Aileen mentioned, a good way to manage changing bags is to buy a ‘bag in bag’ or bag organiser that you can easily move from bag to bag.

A company that specializes in this is Bag in a Bag or check out all the options on this Pinterest Board.  If you like to get a new bag then I’ve got all my favorite bags in my online shop.

So what do you do? Do you take the same bag all the time or change it with every outfit?


Feature image by Monika

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