How not to look old – a book review

by Sylvia

How not to look old by Charla Krupp book review - how to look 10 years younger

Since I’m now writing about style and fashion for women over 40 every day, I want to get as many opinions as possible on the subject. This book I recently borrowed from a friend: How not to look old, fast and effortless ways to look 10 years younger, 10 pounds lighter and 10 times better, by Charla Krupp. Charla Krupp is a former beauty director of InStyle magazine and has appeared in numerous style segments on shows like the Today Show, Oprah Winfrey Show and The View.

What is this book all about?

This book will tell you how to look young and hip. The writer DOES NOT want to grow old gracefully, IS NOT going to celebrate her wrinkles, but WILL ALSO NOT join the ‘women who have had too much work done club’ and DOES NOT want to look old. In this book she goes into detail on how to achieve that young and hip look and take 10 years off your age.  The book is written in a light hearted tone and is easy to read. It has a good layout and many of the main points are put in bold, so you can also quickly browse through it and note the key points.

Nothing ages you like….

That is the starting line of almost each chapter and it quickly gives you the main No-No s of what not to do. For example, nothing ages you like:

Hair: too short bangs.. too long hair parted down the middle… helmet head…high hair…an updo… visibly thinning hair… too dark hair… a solid block of hair color… gray hair…gray roots…ashy blond streaks….

Wardrobe: outfits that are too matchy-matchy… dressing head to toe in one designer… looking like you tried too hard… looking like you didn’t try at all…. clothes that are too young…

Skirts: skirts that are too long.. too short… too tight … too wide… too baggy…the wrong shape…worn with the wrong shoes…

Shoes: ugly orthopedic shoes… wearing gym sneakers outside the gym…boring classic pumps…shoes you can’t walk in…out-of-style shoes…sensible shoes…

She also gives her ‘nothing ages you like’ opinions on:

  • Brows
  • Spectacles
  • Eyeliner
  • Foundation
  • Wrinkles
  • Lipstick
  • Teeth
  • Nails
  • Jeans
  • Evening wear
  • Shapewear
  • Legs and tights

Each chapter goes into much detail on what to avoid and what to do. Many come with clear pictures or illustrations and lots of advice. This includes things like getting certain procedures done, how to apply makeup,  buying the right makeup and getting the right clothes.


I thought this was a useful book to read and browse through. It’s easy to find the topics you want to read about, then read the headlines and dive into the details if you need more information on one topic. Her advice is solid and will provide a flop proof way to look great over 40. It offers options for women that are low, medium or high maintenance, which is great. It’s also fun to go through the many Nothing ages you like… lists and the 3 putting yourself together top 10s. You can buy the book at Amazon.

Guess which 40 plus celebrities made it to the Young & Hip Hall of Fame in the book?  

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1 Heather Fonseca

Sounds like fun! I love style books. I’ll have to check this one out.


2 Sylvia

Yes this was a fun book. It’s great to go through all her little lists. It’s not just about style. A lot is on beauty and looking younger in general.


3 Suzanne

It is Thanksgiving in the USA. After cleaning nonstop for 3 days, welcoming my children home with their 20 loads of laundry, and having their friends stop in while trying to prepare a feast, I am feeling 10 years older so this is a book I need to read immediately! LOL! It sounds interesting and well organized. I like that it is about the total person and not just a “wear this, don’t wear that” book.
I am going to guess that Sarah Jessica Parker made the Hall of Fame and Halle Berry. And Jennifer Aniston.


4 Sylvia

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Suzanne! It sounds like a lot of fun (despite all the extra work).
I think you might actually like this book. It has a bit of humor as well “everywhere you want hair, it’s thinning. Everywhere yo don’t want hair, it’s growing”. Oh, the joys of aging…..
Good guessing! You are right about Sarah Jessica Parker, but 5 more other ladies made the cut. I’m going to keep you in suspense for a little while longer….


5 Nanne

I haven’t read this book myself, but I’ve read mixed reviews about it. That actually just makes me more curious, so I’ll definitely consider purchasing it to see for myself!


6 Sylvia

I think the book offers a lot of practical tips on how not to look old. Flip through the book through Amazon and see what you think!


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