Getting organised – your suggestions are welcome!

by Sylvia

Getting Organised

I love to get organised. I like an organised house, a tidy desk and an organised wardrobe.

And, since this website is now such a big part of my life, I like an organised website as well. That’s why I keep this site as clean and uncluttered as possible.

As this site gets bigger, it’s more and more important to keep it organised. It’s important to me that I can easily find old articles if I want to link to them and I also think it’s crucial to have a well organised site for my readers.

I have now written almost daily articles for more than a year now and those can quickly get lost in the site if I can’t give you a clear overview of all the topics that I covered before. Some of you may remember old articles and may want to reference them on occasion. Others just want to find out quickly what this site is all about and find the most useful articles for them as quickly as possible. Of course you can use the search box at the right to find stuff, but that is not always a foolproof option and sometimes returns too many results.

This is why I added a quick overview in each of my categories with all the best and most useful articles. I have also created a popular (or getting started page) for new readers to easily find some of the best articles.

And today I have started to organise my outfits. How wonderful would it be, I thought, if you could all quickly have a look at outfits by colour, brand or even outfit item. If you wanted to wear green, you could quickly check all my outfits and articles on green and perhaps get inspiration from them. So that is what I have setup today.

Now, I have no idea if you will actually use this new function, but at least it gives me the feeling of being well organised. It will be so much easier to find old outfits now or see how I wore a certain accessory like a belt.

Of course, in order to make this happen, I had to go back in and tag all my old articles (and I’m not completely done yet). So my tip for today for all you bloggers out there, is to think about category AND tag structure from the beginning and think about how you want to organise your site. Although I thought long and hard about my categories from the beginning, I never really gave much thought to my tags. Now that I have tagged a number of my articles and am able to offer additional selective keywords to search by, I feel so much more organised and happy!

So tell me what you think? Go to the What I wore category page, and select outfits by item, brand, colour or accessory. Do you think you will use it?

Oh and whilst you are there, let me know which was your favorite outfit of mine this year and why? I’m going to list my 10 favorites some time next week and it would be great to list a ‘readers favorite’ as well. 

I know there is still much I can improve on the site (and I’m already planning some more organisational work), but if you have any suggestions on how I can make 40PlusStyle more easy to use for you, let me know.

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1 Suzanne

I am very impressed! I have been playing around with this a little and it is fun as well as useful. I tried each category and think they all serve a purpose. I think the “color” area will be the one I use most often. You have given us many ideas over the year for different combinations and fresh ways to wear color.
It is really hard for me to choose a favorite outfit! I have liked so many. 🙂 I am going to say the Calvin Kline dress you wore on November 5, 2012 because it puts the focus on your shoulders (one of your best features) and is the perfect length. I like your red shoes and purse with it but know you can accessorize with many other colors too.


2 Sylvia

Glad you liked it and that you already used it. Great! And thanks for your vote of outfit Suzanne.


3 Nanne

Wow that sounds like a lot of work, but I think it’s a great idea:) I


4 Sylvia

It actually is 🙁 And I’m still not done. And I still have so many plans for further organising, redesign….


5 Greetje

Did you do this especially for me? LOL
I am going to convert my blog into a website as you always advise. And I was thinking how to organize it. As I so agree with you. Thank you very much for all this hard work. I would like to copy everything but haven’t got the time nor the skills nor the money to have it done like that. You are my idol.
I will come back later and meticulously go through EVERYTHING.


6 Sylvia

thanks for the thumbs up Greetje! Yes, you’re still at the beginning of your blogging journey so it will pay to think about structure and navigation. There are actually a lot of different themes in blogger, so you may want to look it into that. Some will come with a navigation structure that may appeal to you.


7 traceyliz65

First I would like to congratulate you on all the hard work! Secondly I agree that I would use the color one most often.


8 Sylvia

Thanks Tracey. The what I wore category is done now. Hope you will find it useful!


9 The Style Crone

You are so impressive! My organizational skills are lacking, but I’m working on it. My right brain takes me off track and I’m off on a tangent! But you provide a role model.


10 Sylvia

I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, which is why I’m never happy with the way my site looks. I have to really stop myself from the urge to redesign it constantly. It would take up too much time. But hopefully, one of these days, I will get it looking the way I want it….


11 Sandra

I discovered this site a few days ago, and I am so happy I did, wonderful ideas, pictures, etc. Your outfits are so well put together, i am not sure if I have a favorite one. Thank you!


12 Sylvia

thanks for the feedback Sandra. Very nice to know that you enjoy the site. I will do my best to keep it interesting!


13 Greetje

You know I think your best outfit is the one with the black/white top, black skirt and yellow belt + shoes at the hanging garden.
But I also like a similar one a lot. This one:

And I like your tagwords categorizing. I just could not figure out how to get back in “What I wore” until I realized it was under Style in the navigation.


14 Sylvia

Thanks for the feedback Greetje. Yes, I now realise that getting back to the category can be a bit confusing. As you discovered, it’s listed under what I wore but you can also click on the picture of my outfits in the right sidebar.


15 Luc

Sylvia, I guess this is a good time to say thank you for providing us all with such an amazing website. I visit everyday for a little shot of happiness and positivity. I think it is superbly presented, and I look forward to what you do with the site next year!


16 Sylvia

How wonderful Luc to give me such nice feedback. It does keep me going! “A little shot of happiness and positivity”. I like that a lot. I should keep that in mind when I plan my articles!


17 Marianne

Great work you did. For me it feels like a dictionary, when I don’t know something I have the possibility now to look it up. You know I am a fan of your red Calvin Klein dress, so I choose that one.


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