An unexpected brand crush: Diane von Furstenberg (DVF)

by Sylvia

An unexpected brand crush: Diane von Furstenberg (DVF) |

The DVF brand from Diane von Furstenberg has never been on my radar. I always found her styles too colorful and bohemian for my style.

That all changed last August when I was shopping in New York.

DVF silk asymmetrical top |

I stumbled upon a sale and found this fabulous blue graphical top. I love the asymmetric hem and the silk fabric.

DVF uses a lot of silk in their garments which is a big plus for me. Nothing delights me more than wearing silk.

My style has also gravitated towards more prints. Since I often wear only one layer, I find that a beautiful print makes the outfit more interesting and adds a lot more color to my look and rather pale face.


I also bought this colorful dress in New York, which I have worn a LOT. You can’t beat the location below: the Maldives.

DVF silk dress |

This is a silk dress which is perfect for a summer day. The dress has open slits at the bottom which means I can be creative and tie knots with them and use the dress as a top. I got a lot of great feedback on my look with jeans here, with many of you thinking this was actually a top!

DVF silk dress - worn 2 ways |


I also bought this short dress which I mainly wear as a tunic top. This is a combination of viscose and silk and it has some fabulous asymmetrical elements that I like.

DVF asymmetrical dress worn as a tunic |


My most recent purchase is this silk top that I can wear two ways. It’s intended to wear with the the black at the front, but it also looks really good with the blue worn at the front.

I love versatility in garments I buy as it means I tire of them less quickly and it’s fun to be creative with my clothes.

DVF silk top - worn 2 ways |

As you can see my kick-flare jeans are a favorite at the moment. You can wear your silk tops casually with jeans or make them more dressy (top left) wearing them over silk pants.

DVF silk tops worn with crop flare jeans |

I recently also bought a shirt dress from DVF which I have worn as a tunic top a few times already but I will save photos from that for another day.



Is there a brand that you have recently discovered or recently started really liking? 

p.s. Lots of women are currently taking the Find Your Style challenge. Have you signed up yet? (it’s free!)

Photography by myself and Denton Taylor


1 Suzanne

I always prefer you in colour so I’m loving this new found crush of yours.

Really like the reversible top and that dress you’ve tied at the side.


2 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne! I knew you would appreciate this 🙂

3 Jill

Once again, you look smashing! Love the hair, the clothes, the smile. You are rocking it all very well. The outfits look amazing on you. Got some nice ideas from reading your blog.

4 Sylvia

Thank Jill. Great to hear that my blog gives you ideas!

5 Deborah

Hi Sylvia,
DVF is one of my favorite designers mainly because her clothes are so cheery, feminine, and colorful, and I love color! I do find her sizing a bit off though, and end up going up one size. I love you hair and you look great in these photos! Cheers! Deborah

6 Sylvia

Thanks Deborah!

7 Greetje

You did really well. They are all stuning items. I will have to check her site out more regularly. “Our” blue shirt dress is still a favourite of mine.

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