Coming soon: my favorite design labels at Asia Fashion Exchange!

by Sylvia

Asia Fashion Exchange Singapore

You may not be aware of this but exciting things will be happening in Singapore next month, as from 14-20 May Asia Fashion Exchange will take place. The Asia Fashion Exchange consists of 4 main events:

  1. The Audi Fashion Festival with shows from Mugler, Raoul, Aldressedup and Roland Mouret to name but a few.
  2. The Asia Fashion summit where you will find many keynote speakers speaking about the business of fashion.
  3. Audi Star creation, which showcases young designers and a hosts a competition for best designer.
  4. And finally there is Blueprint, a trade show where international and Asian emerging designers can showcase and sell their collections.

Even though this website attracted more than 50,000 visitors last month, I’m not yet on the radar of the Singapore Fashion scene and therefore have not yet received invitations to attend these events. Of course, this will not deter me from going and I will be sure to attend the events, take pictures whenever I can and discover new talent and great design. But then I read about a competition to write about my favorite designers being shown during the AFX . Since I would love to tell you all about some of my favorite designers being showcased here next month, this seemed like a great opportunity to highlight them and tell you about AFX, so here it is.

My favorite designers from Asia Fashion Exchange

The only difficult part about writing this article is to actually select my 3 favorites. Alldressedup is a no-brainer of course, as you all know how much I love that brand. Since I’m really into the art of fashion, I would also love to see Mugler. Although I was very tempted to feature Zac Posen as my third designer, I instead went with Roland Mouret. His dresses are just divine and are so great for us women over 40.


Alldressedup Spring 2012 collection

Seasoned readers of my blog know how much I love Alldressedup, the label of Singaporeans Lionel Leo and Tina-Tan Leo, and that I own many pieces of this brand. I love the mix of playful clothing made in premium jerseys and silk, that feature a lot of asymmetry, colour and quirkyness. Apart from beautiful clothes they also create playful accessories that can found throughout this site. As you would expect, since Alldressedup was started in 2005, this brand has achieved a lot of success and is now sold throughout the world.


Mugler Spring Summer 2012 collection

Mugler is a seasoned label started by Thierry Mugler, who came out with its first collection in 1973. It has since become a very successful label known for the superb style and structure of the clothes and in 1992 he completed his first haute couture collection. Nicola Formichetti, who is currently also very involved with Lady Gaga’s outfits, joined the brand as the new creative director in September 2010. From then on the brand also became known as simply Mugler instead of Thierry Mugler. The latest additon to the brand is their first menswear collection in January 2011.

I adored his last Spring / Summer 2012 collection which was full of asymmetrical eletments, playfullness and a perfect example of how ‘arty’ clothes can be very wearable!

Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret Spring 2012 collection

Roland Mouret is described as a designer of iconic dresses, such the moon dress (made famous by Victoria Beckham) and the the famous Galaxy dress he introduced in 2006. Shortly after the sensational debut of this dress though, he quit the company due to managerial disputes. He established his label again under the name RM in 2007, which was an instant success. In 2010 he obtained the rights to his name again and  the label went back to its old name Roland Mouret.

There were so many pretty dresses, perfect for women over 40, in his last Spring / Summer 2012 collection and above are some of my favorites.

I’m looking forward to AFX 2012!

I think the shows here in Singapore and all other activities will be a sensation. Let’s hope I can capture some of the action!

Which of these designers are your favorite?


I really liked Muglar’s asymmetrical designs and tan on white color combos for Springs and I’ve never heard of alldressedup, but I’m heading over to their site right now 🙂 I like what I see. Great post.


Thanks Lena. I’m sure you will love Alldressedup too!


What a pity Singapore is so far away for me. I would love to accompany you.
And I agree about Mugler. I used to own a woolen skirt suit in the colour apple green.
Very structured. Loved it to death. Picked it up in a sale on December 31st at 16.00 hours just before the shop closed. Otherwise I would not have been able to afford it.


Pity indeed. Would have loved to have you come along. How wonderful that you owned a Mugler suit. Do you still have it?


No, it was years ago. Around 1993 I think. And being woolen, I had to use a razor after wearing it only 3 times. (I used my husbands. He was not very happy.) I remember thinking back then, how sick I would have been if I had paid the full prize. So after a couple of razor treatments there was not enough wool left. Besides, that, it would not fit me anymore. But I still have very fond memories. Like I have with a very red skirt suit made by a couturier. Gosh that looked good on me. (Outgrown that one as well.)
Both the suits had pencil skirts and a perfect and different jacket.

The Style Crone

I can always count on you to show interesting and new designs which give me ideas and spark my creativity. I share your love of asymmetry.


Thanks. Good for me too, so I can see the results of your creativity!


Wow ! I am really excited for you! This sounds like a dream come true for a fashion writer and I am looking forward to reading your comments and seeing your photos. It is the next best thing to being there. 🙂
Alldressed up fits your aesthetic from head to toe. I am drawn to the simple lines of Roland Mouret. I have always thought his Moon dress was perfection.


I still need to get into the shows though. So hope I win the competition! The 3 designers above reflect my total style personality I believe: fun, asymmetric, simplicity!


I would say I’m drawn to Roland Mouret’s dresses. Classic yet modern. I love the tulip print.


Funny, I had not even noticed that the prints are in fact tulips! No wonder I love them so much (being Dutch!)

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