Me and a video with a lot of style and fashion

by Sylvia

Zara style and Duran Duran

This Saturday there is only 1 link, featuring yours truly in a new outfit and a new hat. I could not resist finally getting a tight pencil skirt and this simple black and white T. It’s all Zara and you can check it out at Style-Anywhere. Other than that I will leave you to enjoy this wonderful video from Duran Duran featuring some of the major super models of the eighties.

The video was directed by Jonas Akerlund (who also made Madonna’s Ray of Light and Lady Gaga’s Telephone) and features models: Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigova, Cindy Crawford and Yasmin Le Bon.

They are all over 40 now and looking amazingly gorgeous. I’m sure the light was good and the makeup was plenty, but still… I think the acting was pretty good too.

The video features lots of fashion including Louis Vuitton trunks and Dolce & Gabbena fashion.

Enjoy the music, photography, fashion and art direction!

1 Suzanne

Sylvia! Wow! You look amazing in this outfit. The colors are great together, the pencil skirt is a sensational fit and makes your legs look miles long, and every accessory is perfect – the hat, belt, heels, and simple silver jewelry. This is a fabulous look – s*xy but still ladylike. I love it!
The video is very fun. Those women are all truly gorgeous. It was the ideal tie-in to your hot look. 🙂

2 Sylvia

Thanks! 🙂 🙂 🙂

3 Ellen

Hi Sylvia, you have achieved the ‘sexy but ladylike’ look spot on in this outfit. Pencil skirts are so sexy and you have a fabulous figure for them so wear them often! I am currently on a weight loss plan (have lost 23 pounds so far) and hope to be able to carry off little numbers like yours soon. Keep on bloggin’.

4 Sylvia

Hi Ellen, thanks for visiting and your lovely comment. I indeed wanted to achieve that ladylike look that I so liked from the runways (and described at favorite dresses for women over 40 from 2011 fall collections . This outfit was actually a combination of the ladylike look and the graphical and color blocking trend which I also love. I don’t believe you have to be thin to wear this look with style? In any case I wish you good luck with your weight loss plan. Let me know how you go with it and if you like you can show off your style here as well. I look forward to seeing you on the site again!

5 Cathy aka Minister of Style

You look so damn chic! Love everything about this outfit. You make the 40’s look good.

6 Sylvia

Thanks for visiting my blog Cathy and your wonderful compliment!

7 The Style Crone

Great new hat! Looks perfect with the pencil skirt and white T.

8 Sylvia

Thanks Judith. I’m really pleased with it! Thanks for all the inspiration.

9 Heather Fonseca

I’ve seen the video once before and it is a lot of fun. The supermodels of the early 90’s look just as gorgeous as ever, but do you ever wonder if they’ve had some “work” to make it all look better? I wonder…

10 Sylvia

I think that the models have layers of makeup in the video and I’m sure there has been quite a lot of air brushing as well. But for this video I think that’s ok. They are there to look uber fashionable and glamorous. It would be a different story if this was a skincare commercial. Then I would want to see the ‘real’ faces!

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