How does it feel wearing someone else's clothes? |

Anja had a great idea for an experiment.

Why not try on each other’s clothes and see what it feels like? Would it feel very different? Would we discover new things about ourselves or would it just confirm our own style preferences?

And how would the other person feel seeing their friend in their clothes? [click to continue…]


Making a statement with a warm scarf |

Earlier this week I showed you some of the gorgeous coats on display during New York fashion week. However, sometimes it’s the scarf that shines the most or provides just that finishing touch to the outfit. [click to continue…]


which skincare products should I use |

During my recent article on makeup (now part of the 10 Steps to Refining Your Style course), it was requested that I also write a little more on skincare.

I consider good skin the most beautiful makeup and I therefore make it a priority. Although I don’t claim to be an expert on skin and skincare I do make an effort to research it and this is what I do know. I will also list the products I currently use. [click to continue…]


Favorite coats of New York Fashion Week |

It was very cold this year at New York Fashion week. So the most prominent garment to be seen on the streets was a thick coat.

Even though the straight man coat was seen on many of the young women many 40+ ladies opted instead for a more tailored silhouette with many coats accentuating the waist. [click to continue…]