How to apply eyeliner after 40 + the best ones to use! |

Using eyeliner really isn’t all that difficult – if you’ve got the right kind of eyeliner and the right bag of tricks. Start with the right preparation for your eyeliner. [click to continue…]


15 Fashion and beauty must-haves for every woman in business |

Today’s article is written by guest writer Marian Rothschild, AICI FLC. Enjoy!

You see some women and you just know they’ve got it.

They have it all: drive, passion, intelligence, leadership qualities, and a polished, put-together look. [click to continue…]


What kind of shopper are you? |

Patti from the fabulous blog Not Dead Yet Style wrote an article a while ago titled What are we waiting for? It related to why some of us just don’t buy the things that we really like to have.

I thought this was such an interesting topic and wanted to bring it up on 40PlusStyle as well. [click to continue…]


Wearing shorts on a wildlife safari in Etosha Park, Namibia

As you may know I went to Etosha Park in Namibia this summer. I already shared pictures with you here from our first day in the park. We spent a total of 3 days in Etosha park as we thoroughly enjoyed driving through the park in search for wildlife.

As you can tell from these pictures, we spotted quite a few. [click to continue…]