A while ago (before my haircut and change of hair colour) I had some professional photos taken at Cake Images here in Singapore. I wanted some professional photos to promote this website and my business and I was generally curious what kind of photos could be accomplished with this all in one package. This professional photo package includes:

  • Full makeup
  • Hair Styling
  • Several outfit changes
  • Lots of photographs taken, from which you can select your favorites

Red calvin Klein dress

It’s always interesting to see for me how I can look if I look a bit more ‘polished’. I made a point of getting my nails done and made sure that the colour of my hair was ‘just new’ (no grey roots!). The makeup artist then spend probably more than an hour doing my makeup and styling my hair. The makeup was much heavier than I usually wear it, so that was interesting too.

professional photos black and white outfit

And here are the results. What do you think? I kept the clothes fairly simple and clean. I incorporated my white sailor pants to stay true to me and used both my Calvin Klein dresses for more dressier looks. I think I could have probably done a bit better here and styled it all a bit more. I should definitely have put my hair in place after each outfit change, as my hair ruins some of the images. But this was my first time getting photographed in a studio, so that is a good lesson learned.

Calvin Klein dress and capri pants

Why should you have professional photographs taken?

I think that if you are running any kind of business, it will be a good investment to have your own professional photographs taken. You can present yourself in a professional way and get good high resolution pictures that you can use in pictures and press releases.

But even if you’re not a running a business, there are some great benefits at getting some professionally taken images of yourself or your family.

  • You capture a moment in time of a certain age. You may think you are old now, but wait until you are 70. At that age you will not believe how incredible you still looked at 40.
  • It’s fun to see how you look with full makeup on and seeing yourself in a a few of  your best outfits. That pleasure of seeing these nice pictures may last you for years.
  • It’s nice to get some photographs of you and your family that look really good. A good photographer will give you good hints on how to hold your head and your posture. Of course I was reminded to put my shoulders back and tilt my head a bit lower. For me these were great lessons for taking my own photographs! You will receive photos in high resolution, which means you can blow them up as big photos for your walls, calendars etc.
  • it can be a special day out for you and your family. It may take a little bit of planning as you will need to pick outfits etc, but you can turn it into a day of fun and doing something new!
purple silk alldressedup top

Have you had professional photos taken recently? Also curious, which of my photos above is your favorite?


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