That is one of the questions I asked my 3 blogger friends when I was in The Netherlands. Have a look what they said on the topic in this video. (rss readers may need to click through to the website).

What makes a good fashion blogger video featuring Suzanne, Greetje and Anja.

What does make a good fashion blogger?

Here is what I personally look for:

1. Great style and photos

I like pretty pictures so I love good photos. Of course I’m most drawn to those bloggers that have a similar style aesthetic to mine.

2. Inspirational design, fashion and art

I also like blogs that show me what’s new and who let me discover new style, fashion, design and art with them. Most of these blogs feature great imagery as well.

3. Latest trends updates and reports

I like to keep up with what’s new so I love articles on the latest trends and how to wear them.

4. Ideas and instruction to help you find your own unique style

I love reading about style and how someone finds it or defines it. I love reading style interviews with inspiring and inspirational people.

5. Information on conventional dressing ‘rules’ and ways to dress

Who doesn’t want to learn something new. I love reading good articles on how to dress. It’s great to be presented with new ideas, insights and outfit ideas.

6. A sense of community

When you feel connected to a blog and comment regularly, you start to know not only the blogger itself but the community around that blog as well. You can truly make friends online and sometimes they become real life friends too.

7. Great personality or writing skills

I love reading blogs from women that exude personality. I may not dress the way they do, but they inspire me in other ways. It can be their writing, their unique sense of style or their overall creativity that draws me in.

What makes a good fashion blogger? |

8. Humor and entertainment

I also enjoy blogs from women that make me smile or entertain me in some other way.

Many of the blogs I enjoy offer a combination of the features listed above.

At for I try to create a website and blog that incorporates most of the things I enjoy on other blogs. I try to inspire women, create great imagery, like to help them with their dressing or give shopping ideas. I try to create a community for like minded women on this site and on my social media channels where women enjoy talking about fashion and looking and feeling the best that they can.

I know my weaknesses as I blogger as I’m not the best writer, nor am I particularly funny, nor do I have the time left to take the high quality editorial pictures that I would crave. But that is the price I pay for wanting to do it all and create a great variety of articles, which I hope many of you will enjoy.

I also don’t believe that one blog needs to fulfil all your needs as a reader. It’s great to hear different voices, see different ideas and take inspiration from a variety of blogs. With so many great blogs to choose from now, there really is a great blog for everyone!

I would love to know from you! What do you think makes a good fashion blogger? What do you look for in a fashion blog?


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