Yesterday I showed you a few fabulous looks from the Fabulous Fashionistas Event I attended in New York.

Here is what Suzanne Carillo and I are wearing. Together we sported quite the reggae vibe!

Since we were guests of the always colorful Sue Kreitzman, I really wanted to wear color for this day. I picked this red dress from a consignment store earlier (more details on my consignment and resale shopping in New York in a future article).


The dress is a little bit different from what I usually wear. More feminine and girly. It’s a bit of a risk and I did not quite feel completely like myself, but I was attracted to the great fit, fabulous color and fabulous silk fabric. I took a few more risks with my consignment shopping as the prices were lower and I felt like stepping a bit out of my comfort zone. Time will tell if this dress is a success.


I put my hair in a little bun and adorned it with a rose.


Suzanne felt like wearing color as well and she stepped out in one of her signature maxi dresses, fitting right in with all the other fabulous fashionistas at the event.

redandgreen-9opt redandgreen-4opt


We met many spectacular women that afternoon as I have throughout my 3-month trip. Suzanne expressed a lot of what I feel in a blog post she wrote about the event here. Here is an excerpt:

“Meeting such fierce females refusing to allow age to dictate their lives turned on a faucet of hope inside me which slowly began to fill my body with optimism.  Contrary to what we’ve been told all our lives as women, maybe, just maybe, the second half of our lives is a fresh opportunity.  We’ve made it this far.  It isn’t the end of our dreams, but the beginning of new ones. The chance to change, discover, create, love, live.  

As comets we are closer towards the end of our lives than the beginning, but we should be burning brighter and bolder using every drop of energy to remain vibrant, vital and dynamic. 

The only person standing in our way is ourselves.”

I couldn’t agree more and feel more energetic than ever to take on the second part of this life journey!

Suzanne and I sporting a reggae vibe at the Fabulous Fashionistas event |

What would you wear to a Fabulous Fashionista documentary showing?


Photography by Denton Taylor

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