Putting on the bling with Aruna Seth shoes

by Sylvia

wearing Aruna Seth shoes

I’m not known for adding a lot of bling to my outfits and am more usually put into the minimalist category when it comes to dressing. But I sure felt like a million dollars when wearing these $5,000 Aruna Seth shoes with crystals! They are incredibly high but felt amazingly comfortable due to the wedge heels. Sadly I could not take them home. I’m afraid my budget would not allow it. But I did have fun checking out the Aruna Seth range of shoes which is debuting here in Singapore.

My outfit this week combines items that you have seen before. As recent as on yesterday’s  brief for the dressing challenge did I show you how I wore this top with jeans before. It becomes a peplun top when worn with a belt. I showed you my red skirt recently as well.

Can you imagine wearing these to an evening event? How wonderful would all the crystals look in the dark!

Who is Aruna Seth?

Aruna Seth comes from a family of shoe makers, so it’s no coincidence that she catched the shoe bug herself and wanted to design her  own. Clearly she likes bling and decoration, which she attributes to her partly Indian backgroound. Most of her shoes are within a  500 – 1,5,00 USD price range and are made by hand in Northern Italy.

Her shoes are all about luxury and she employs high quality materials like Swarovski crystals and Chantilly lace from France. It’s not only about appearance though and she cares about comfort too.  Each shoe contains a  plush leather cushion that brings a cashmere feel to the foot—ensuring a graceful walk throughout the evening.

Shoes for celebrities!

Due to the luxurious look and feel of her shoes, it’s no wonder that Aruna Seth shoes are popular with celebrities. I’m sure they were delighted when Pippa Middleton wore the Lynn Sandal at the reception of the royal wedding day. Pippa was famously photographed in a green Temperley dress teamed with Aruna Seth shoes which became an iconic image of the special day. Princess Beatrice was spotted with a nude patent clutch bag at Elton John’s White Tie and Tiara Ball and Princess Eugenie work Aruna’s lovely black suede franca shoes to attend Prince Phillips 90th Birthday. Other celebrities that wore their shoes include Sophia Bush, Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn and Katherine Heigl!

The butterfly is a signature of Aruna Seth. You will find them on many of their shoes. From the high pumps to a large selection of ballerinas.

It’s also good to know that the shoes come in a variety of heels sizes.

And flat sandals are not forgotten either. Who says that you can’t up the glamour and bling with flat sandals?  

This is British Jubilee version of the shoes I’m wearing above. Especially created for the recent Jubilee festivities in England.

I must say, I am converted. Although I would still prefer my shoes a lot plainer for day-to-day life, I can imagine these shoes would be great for a special occasion. They are popular as bridal shoes as well. You can check some more shoes in the gallery below.

If you want to find out more about their shoes you can visit the Aruna Seth website. Linking up to visible Monday.

I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of these shoes? And when would you wear them?

P.S. Did you see the brief for the dressing challenge? I would love for you to participate and see what exciting creations you can come up with!

1 Marla

You look so pretty and I love all those bling shoes!

2 Sylvia

Thanks Marla

3 Paula

Love the bling. Love the lower heeled shoes she has also. Beautiful collection–just wish I could afford!

4 Sylvia

Yes, I think the flat heels are great. Still comfortable but festive at the same time!

5 Rita

WOW! Those shoes are beautiful…and look amazing on you!!

6 Sylvia

Thanks, Yes, surprisingly!

7 Suzanne

The first thought I had upon seeing these was – imagine those crystal wedges on Rita’s feet under the conference table with all of those Rockports! LOL! 🙂 I am just so naughty, I can’t help it.

8 Greetje

LOL… I have a vivid imagination. I can see the picture hahaha

9 Rita

LOL, Suzanne!!! I was at meetings for work out of town this week and not only Rockports, but Topsiders…NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 😀

10 Suzanne

Oh Rita – I don’t know how to break this to you but the original Sperry Topsiders are “IN” again! LOL! They are huge on my son’s college campus (for boys and girls) and at our Country Club. They do seem a little casual for the office though – especially at this time of year. My guys wear them with shorts.

11 Greetje

I had to google this as I did not know Sperry Topsiders. I think we call them boating shoes. They are good for shorts, a bit “old school”. So it is back in fashion hah?
I was imagining terrible shoes with shorts and immediately thought of this video clip: American guys in shorts and slippers singing Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. With choreography. Have a laugh and look at this:

12 Suzanne

This video is fabulous! I laughed so much – although those boys sound great. They could be my son’s Fraternity brothers. LOL! The cargo shorts, tees, flip flops or athletic shoes, and the backward caps. The first time I had to meet my son at the business college I recognized him 2 stories up (glass staircase), across the room, and from the back just by the way he wears his hat!
I would say that Topsiders are what we call “Preppy” – old school, old money, Ivy League style. The Frat House may be casual but the Business School is suits and ties (Bow Ties!) or at least dress shirts and dress pants. And all of the cargo shorts were donated this Fall. Now he wears golf polos and nice golf shorts with the Topsiders – which were originally designed for yachting. 🙂 I bet Rita’s Engineers wear them with khakis.

13 Greetje

I think so too: khakis.
And I also love this video, I played it over and over again. Actually got me in touch with Lady Gaga.

14 Rita

Oh yes…see them right next to the Rockports. Sigh!

15 Sylvia

Great video. These guys are having so much fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. But they can actually sing. I want to join their group and sing with them!

16 Rita

Isn’t that funny! I did notice that. A store in the big mall near us just opened. I’ve never worn them, even in the preppy 80’s. Yes, they are OK for casual stuff, but not to the office. I also don’t like when women wear slides or decked out flip-flops to the office. No one wants to hear, “THWAK THWAK THWAK” five offices down when someone is walking down the hall. A great rule of thumb at the office: your shoes should be attached to your feet, front and back.

17 Mrs D

These are lush! My favourites are the embellished flats. Since they’re flats I’d wear them anywhere as they can be dressed up or down according to the occasion!

18 Sylvia

I agree. Very versatile!

19 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Exquisite shoes, Sylvia – they add just the right amount of WOW to any outfit, I think! You look fabulous wearing the wedges. Thanks for sharing all the glam with Visible Monday!

20 Sylvia

Thanks Patti. Wedges do make a difference in the comfort level of a shoe. You don’t really feel how high they are…

21 Jeannie

I LOVE the bling!!!!
You look amazing!

22 Marianne

This feels like I am on a diet and then you wheel me into a confectioner’s shop and I can not have anything. Except the ballerinas, but then I have to wait for Christmas when I get my hubby who is on my wishlist. How complicated is that. In other words I love them.

23 Sylvia

Sometimes all you need is eye candy!

24 Greetje

These shoes are still very stylish and party-like even with a wedge. Sometimes wedges can make shoes more “every day”. And indeed the $ 5.000,- bling shoes are super for you. They give your posture a very sexy look.
I do not mind paying more for good quality shoes that fit like a glove, and can be used often. Like a perfect pair of black shoes which would give me enough wear. But I would not spend this kind of money on shoes I can only wear to parties. These prices are out of my league.

25 Suzanne

Oh – I LOVE these!!! The crystals, the colors, the butterflies. Each pair is a little work of art. They make me so happy! 🙂

26 Alice

I am now lusting for a pair of her shoes! They are all so gorgeous!!


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