As I mentioned before, one of the keys to dress creatively, stylish and with great variety is to be able to actually SEE all your clothes. And the only way to see your clothes is to have a wardrobe system that just works. So let’s have a look at all the options available! (this is part 4 of my wardrobe editing series. Before we discussed a minimal wardrobe,  how to edit your clothes and  how to find out if a garment should stay in your closet).


Although it’s important to see all your clothes, I don’t personally like to see my clothes in the open. Unless you have all your clothes in the same colour, it looks very messy very quickly. So if you do not have the luxury of a walk in closet, make sure you have doors covering your clothes. Doors can actually be quite useful too for storing several parts of your wardrobe as we will discover later.

Ikea wardrobe

Ideally cupbaords have place for dresses, skirts and trousers (to hang), tops (folded on shelves), drawers (for smaller items like lingerie and socks). Take this Ikea cupboard for example. There are 3 spaces to hang clothes. You could use 1 area for trousers, 1 for shirts and tops and blazers and 1 for dresses and skirts.  Notice how the space for dresses is separated as well? This will give you some extra hanging space for smaller items. I like to hang everything by colour so I get a nice overview.

The drawers are great for underwear, socks and belt. Then there are some good shelves for t-shirts and cardigans and even a place for shoes. Your bags could be placed at the top.


You will need different hangers. Standard ones for shirts, sturdier ones for blazers and clip hangers for skirts. I love having all my hangers in the same style for a nice zen look in my closet.

Shoe storage

Shoe storage can be rather tricky and I gave you lots of options in an earlier article: how to store shoes.

Belts and scarves

belt organiserIt’s best to store these in a place where you can see them. Belts could be hanged on the inside doors of one of your cupboard doors. I like to keep mine in a drawer, which is also where I keep my scarves. I really like the idea of this belt organiser which you can get at Amazon.

belt organiser hangerOr you could use this belt hanger, which you use for handbags too.

accessory hanger

This accessory hanger for scarves is very nice too.


Hat storage can be tricky as well. I currently store them on a cupboard shelf, where they are placed on top of each other, which is not ideal. If you have the space, it’s better to store them in boxes. You could have pictures of the hats on the front of the boxes so you can still ‘see’ them. It would be my dream to have a special hat cabinet one day, where they are all gloriously displayed.

I also like the hat display on the right.


over the door hanging purse rackI currently store them on shelves in my cupboard and it’s best if they get stored with their original dust bags, to keep them looking great for longer. Another way to store handbags is to hang them with S clips on a rack. You can also create a board (similar to the hat board as shown above) for your handbags or use racks that you can hang inside of doors.


Jewellery hangerIf you can stick to a minimal wardrobe, you may have space for this in your cupboard. You can hang necklaces on racks or find space for them in drawers with separators. Alternatively, you can also have a special jewellery cabinet. This one which is available at Amazon looks similar to the one I currently have. The jewellery hanger on the right looks like a very handy option as well.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to store your clothes properly. Remember the idea is to get a good oversight of all your clothes and accessories. In the end, this will lead to a more stylish YOU.

I have created a special storage ideas board on Pinterest, which includes even more ideas.

Do you have any ideas for storage? What is working for you?



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