Welcome to day 1 of the 40+Style Casual Summer Casual Style Challenge!

This challenge is now finished but you can still participate and get the complete shopping list and all outfits. Just Click below to get access!


Those of you who have signed up have already received your shopping lists and your outfits for the first week. Some of you have already added your outfit for today to your 40+style Community Page on Facebook.

What is the purpose of the casual summer style challenge?

I organised this challenge for a variety of reasons:

  1. Do more with less! I believe it’s important to do more with less to keep the fashion industry sustainable and your budget on track!
  2. Get a well-edited workable wardrobe! It’s actually easier to dress with a smaller wardrobe of clothes that is well edited and contains only pieces you love, fit you and suit you.
  3. Learn how to mix and match outfits! Creating a capsule of 9 pieces and mixing and matching these to create at least 10 unique outfits will show you how it’s done and how you can do this yourself more often. This will show you how to create a wardrobe that will always give you something to wear.
  4. Learn how to start with the basics and then create your own unique spin with accessories! Accessories truly are the icing on the cake and it’s through accessorizing that you make your outfit your own. Challenge yourself to be more creative and be inspired by how others style the same outfit.
  5. Learn how casual does not mean boring or drab! There is no reason a casual outfit needs to be boring. You can wear casual clothes and still look hip and chic. This challenge will show you how.
  6. Have fun and connect with others! More than 700 women have now signed up for the challenge so I’m sure there will be plenty of outfits uploaded to inspire you. You are always asking me to feature more women in all kinds of shapes and size, so this is your chance to upload your outfits and see similar outfits styled by other women from all shapes, sizes and ages.

Let’s get started with outfit 1

How to style a casual outfit | 40plusstyle.com

This is just a simple basic outfit of white pants (or any other color you like; you can also substitute these with jeans) with a printed top. This one is not so bright but I actually encourage you to get a brighter top like the other 2 tops on your shopping list or a similar top in a color or print you enjoy.

The tops

Red printed tops | 40plusstyle.com

Red is such a fabulous color which goes with so many neutrals. Not into red? Feel free to pick another brighter color that goes with your other pieces. Although the first tops resembles my own top more closely, I actually think it’s great to go with a brighter red like the second top. Feel free to select a solid instead of a print if that’s more your style.

The bottoms

White pants | 40plusstyle.com

White pants are very versatile for summer as you can combine almost any top with them. I opted for ankle length slim fitting cotton pants. If white is not your thing, feel free to substitute for blue jeans. If going that route I would opt for bootleg jeans. You can see some of my favorite brands here.

How I styled outfit 1

How to style a fabulous top | 40plusstyle.com

If you got yourself a fabulous top the outfit does not need that much.

Great shoes always add to the outfit and I chose comfortable wedges (this is a casual style challenge after all). I finished the outfit with some red lipstick, sunnies and a red bracelet.

How To Dress Casually Chic For Summer – The 40+Style Casual Summer Style Challenge: Outfit 1 | 40plusstyle.com

This outfit was created with existing items in my closet with both the pants, bracelet and shoes more than a year old.

The pants are old but back in store now and I love these so much (you have seen them many more times on this site) that I bought them in other colors too.

Outfit details:

Pants: Zara
Top: In Good Company
Shoes: ToBe
Bracelet: c/o Jewelry to your Doorstep
Suglasses: Loewe
Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure – Enigmatique 

More items inspired by this outfit below!

Although most outfits will be share in our private Facebook group (sign up above for the challenge to get access) you can also share your outfits through Instagram by tagging them with #40PlusCasualStyleChallenge

I look forward how you style today’s outfit!


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