As you know I attended Fide Fashion week last week and one of the highlights was the show of Chinese designer Guo Pei. It was one of the most fabulous shows I ever attended and also the longest (lasting more than an hour). As you can tell, this is no ordinary designer. Guo Pei’s designs are outrageous, glamorous and incredibly creative.

Her shows are not about wearability, but instead are a showcase of what Guo can achieve in terms of fabrications, embellishments and ideas.

As I mentioned before, I find fashion shows always full of inspiration. Even though you may not actually wear the looks as presented (certainly these would be a real challenge!) there is still plenty of inspiration to be found. Have a look for example at the glorious color combination of taupe, moss green and gold above. That could be an idea for your own outfits.

GuoPeiFashionShow (7 of 11)opt

This dress and print reminded me of Dutch Delft Blue pottery. It’s interesting how beautiful it can look as a dress!

GuoPeiFashionShow (8 of 11)opt

Or the delgihtful combinations of color of this dress.

GuoPeiFashionShow (9 of 11)opt

GuoPeiFashionShow (10 of 11)opt

And how about creating an outfit that combines grey, silver and gold?

GuoPeiFashionShow (5 of 6)opt

GuoPeiFashionShow (6 of 6)opt

Guo Pei even has the black and white trend covered. But with a twist of course…

GuoPeiFashionShow (5 of 11)opt

Purple, green and gold, another great color combination.

GuoPeiFashionShow (3 of 11)opt

GuoPeiFashionShow (1 of 6)optGuoPeiFashionShow (4 of 6)opt

Or gold and coral with lots of bling.

GuoPeiFashionShow (4 of 11)opt GuoPeiFashionShow (2 of 6)opt GuoPeiFashionShow (2 of 11)opt GuoPeiFashionShow (11 of 11)opt

GuoPeiFashionShow (3 of 6)opt

Don’t worry I will not ask you to ‘translate’ any of these looks, but you still have one day to translate the last runway look for our dressing challenge (we will discuss results on Friday).

Can you look at these designs and draw inspiration from them for your own outfits? Which is your favorite from the outfits above?



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