New comfortable pointy pumps!

by Sylvia

Comfortable pumps by Rockfort |

I really wanted to get some pointy pumps into my wardrobe. However, my feet  did not agree as they simply did not fit into any of the pumps that took my fancy.

When I talked about this on my Facebook page recently, Shari came back to me saying that she recently found some really good and very comfortable pumps at Clarks. That got my attention. Who would have thought Clarks had pointy pumps?

black and white outfit with comfortable pumps |

So when I went shopping again and noticed Clarks shoes I decided to have a look. Indeed they had pointy pumps! (or so I thought) and I decided to try them on. It was such a difference from all the other shoes I had tried. These actually fit and did not hurt. The shoes are cushioned all the way through and they were actually wide enough to fit my feet. I did not even have to go up a size.

It turned out though that the shoes were not from Clarks but new-to-me brand Rockport, a brand that creates comfortable footwear. They were standing next to the Clarks shoes which is why I got confused. They are actually created in collaboration with Adidas.

I tried on the Hecia pump which was the most comfortable before I spotted the suede Lendra pump which was slightly higher and has a bit of a pattern. They looked slighty more hip & elegant on my feet so I decided to buy those. Perhaps a mistake as suede shoes do age quicker and higher shoes are less comfortable in the end.

suede Lendra pump by Rockport |

I would have bought a pair of nude pumps as well, but unfortunately they did not have those in my size.

You may not believe this, but this is the first real pair of (pointy) closed pumps that I have ever owned. Pumps were never really my thing. I found them too classic, couldn’t keep them on my feet or they were never wide enough to be comfortable for my fussy feet.

But lately I have really started to like the look of pointy pumps especially when worn with jeans and cigarette pants. They have been on their first outing and sofar so good.

Mind you they will never be long-distance walking shoes for me, but these shoes are comfortable enough for an evening out or a hip lunch.

When I told my friend Anja about them (who has very fussy feet) she went to the same shop (Robinson’s) and bought these lovely python pumps. She is very happy with them as well!

rockport 7 to 7 low pump |

So there you go. Never dismiss certain shops or any of the comfortable shoe brands. They may just have something that looks nice and hip and is very comfortable. Here are a few of their comfortable pumps below.

For more comfortable shoe options, you can check out my list of arch support shoes.

Are you still wearing pumps? What are your favorite brands?


1 Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

Rockport makes some fantastic shoes, but I’ve not yet seen their pumps! I’ll probably buy a pair online, that’s on much I trust I’ll love them! Thanks for the post Sylvia!

2 Sylvia

Interesting right? Comfortable shoe brands that start making pumps. Even Adidas was involved with these ones. How do they get involved in creating pumps? Perhaps they are the cushioning experts…

3 Jill

Be still my heart. I had a pair of python pumps back in the 70’s and wore them to their end! They went with everything I owned and they were about a 3 1/2 to 4 inch heel. SEXY! Of course I was a lot younger and would probably break my neck on any heel over 2 to 2 1/2 inches! Oh but I can dream!

4 Sylvia

You may want to give them a go (the lower version perhaps). On an evening out to diner where you mainly sit?

5 Ann

I agree pointy toe pumps look good to me also and I love them with pants. I’ve always thought pumps were kind of boring until I started to wear the pointy toed version. I like them with an ankle strap. Yours look great, I’m all for comfort. I will be looking for them in the stores and give them a try.

blue hue wonderland

6 Sylvia

Yes, you are very right. Pointy just seems to look a lot hipper!

7 Chicatanyage

I am so glad that pumps have gone “pointy” again. The round toes just did not work for my small feet.

8 Sylvia

For me it’s quite the opposite. I have big feet and this just makes them longer! But I do like the elegance of the point shoe….

9 Shari

Hi Sylvia,
I’m the Shari of the “pointy pumps Facebook post”. I’ve been reading your blog (incognito) for awhile now, and you have helped me SO much to learn to dress my body shape and find my personal “fortyplus” style, so I feel like I must have learned something if you noticed my post & thought enough of it to mention my name on your blog 🙂 I spent the majority of my 4th decade in a yoga pants & tshirts style vacuum; (my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers when I was 39, and passed away a little after my 48th birthday, and my RA showed up somewhere in the middle, now I’m 6 weeks from my 50th birthday…and that pretty much explains it all) so when I came out into the sunshine again I had a closet full of clothes that no longer should (or could, didn’t fit!) belong to me, so I have been busy reinventing my life to be (hopefully!) fabulous once again & rebuilding the wardrobe to go with the life. So far, my Clarks pumps have gone to church twice & out to dinner, and both times I was able to return home, walk comfortably up my driveway & into my room without any urge to kick them off my feet & into a big fire like some other shoes I have tried…and, my Clarks shopping trip scored me $40 to spend on my next visit-they have those punch card things where a filled card gives you $$ to spend, and between the pumps, the sandals & that beautiful orchid handbag I filled a card, so I may go back and use the credit towards the nude version of the pumps…and if I get really ambitious, I’ll post a picture of myself with the pumps & the bag very soon. I also like Rockport shoes, and I’ve got some very attractive & comfortable tall shaft/winter boots with 2-3″ heels by Life Stride that I found in January at Steinmart.

10 Sylvia

hi Shari. How lovely to hear from you here on the blog! Wonderful to read that you are on your way to being fabulous again. Did I include the right Clarks pump in this list? If not, please can you check online at let me know the correct url of your shoe.

11 Pam

I just discovered and acquired few pair of Calvin Klein pumps. They are super comfortable and the heel height is 3 inches. Perfect for pants!

12 Sylvia

Great. Feel free to post a link to where we can buy the pumps online here so I can share with my readers and they may be able to get them too!

13 Pam
14 Sylvia

Lovely shoes Pam! I have added them to this list.

15 TerriMA

You’ve never heard of ROCKPORT before? WOW. They’ve been around since…maybe my 20’s? And I’m 58.

16 Sylvia

I just never noticed them I guess. Never used to look at the comfortable shoes section….

17 TerriMA

being in retail management in the 70’s & 80’s – and then having two kids – RUINED my feet. Have NEVER been able to wear pointy toes, or heels over 2″ high. The Rockports above actually look higher than 2 inches, so I probably couldn’t wear them anyway.

18 Shari

The Clarks shoe I have is the Dalhart Chest. The heel is 1″ higher than the Sage Copper, but your description of how the inside of your Rockport pumps feel matches how mine feel…amazing cushy-ness inside a very un-cushy looking shoe! The website only has the black leather, but the store also has black patent & nude. Here’s the url:
Once again, thank you – and all the ladies who post their ideas & beautiful pictures here, for helping me find my style….I’ll be around, I’ve been participating privately in your style challenges & getting better at putting outfits together. Now that I’ve broken the ice, I am going to work on getting brave enough to post a picture next time I think I’ve got a good style challenge outfit.

19 Sylvia

These shoes look fab! I have added them to the list. Thanks so much for your feedback Shari. I hope you join one of the challenges. It would be lovely to see your style.

20 Greetje Kamminga

Thanks Shari for the link. Looking for slingbacks (which I find more comfortable in summer as I get blisters very easily and especially in closed shoes), I found nude pointy pumps (slingbacks) at Clarks. Even in the sale. Perhaps for you Sylvia?
PS Very glad with this post. As lower heeled pointy pumps are indeed great underneath skinnies.

21 Greetje Kamminga

By the way… looking very hip and happening Sylvia. Great look with your top and hat.

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