A shopping strategy to get more high quality pieces in your closet

by Sylvia

A shopping strategy to get more high quality pieces in your closet | 40plusstyle.com

Last week I shared the Yoox sale with all of you. I was so amazed by the large number of high quality pieces available in that sale that I wished I had been better preprared for it. I managed to acquire one piece from the sale and I’m thrilled with it. I could buy that piece as I knew the designer and knew the fit. You cannot return clothing that is on sale so your will need to be sure that the item you buy, fits you perfectly.

I wished, I knew about the fit of some of the other pieces I spotted and the quality of the designs.

So this season, I have a plan and I’m really excited about it! What’s more, you will benefit from my plan too!

I’m going to all my favorite online stores like Nordstrom, YooxShopbop, FarfetchNet-a-Porter at the start of the season and I’m going to select all my favorite pieces. There will be no limits. I will add all items that I like on my wish list even the ones that I currently find way too expensive.

If I see those items in the shops, I’m going to try them on. I’m going to keep track of what I like and what fits me.

Then, I will be patient. I’m going to wait until these items go on sale and then I’m going to wait some more until all the expensive items reach a level that I’m willing to spend.

This waiting has an extra benefit too. If I STILL like an item that I put on a wish list months ago, it means I definitely like the item as it has a bigger chance of becoming a timeless item in my closet.

It will be great for you too as I’m going to add all the items on my wish list to my own online store here on this site too. That way you have the chance to shop my favorites. Of course the chance will be a bit higher that the items will be sold out once the sales hit, but I will just have to take that risk. I feel it’s important that you get a great assortment of clothes to choose from too.

If you think I’m cheating out on all the brick & mortar stores here, I can assure you that will not be the case. Sooner or later I’m going to be tempted by an item that I just need to have right at that moment and I’m sure I will buy it at full price. In many cases, I will go straight to the brand stores themselves, so they would still benefit from me buying one of their items, even if it’s at a sale price.

Of course, I don’t know if I will have enough time to go visit all the stores and try everything on I like. I may have trouble locating the brands also as not everything is available here in Singapore. Then again, fashion is my profession now, so it would be very good to be well-informed about all the fashion available, how it fits and feels and how it is presented and mixed in stores. It will actually be very good for me to get out more as I spend way too much time behind a computer!

I have already started adding many of my favorites to my top brand wish list and have started with some of my favorite brands like Marni, Preen and Helmut Lang. You can keep track of them on this page of my online store. Please don’t get angry that I added so many hugely expensive items. As you know, I will be patient and wait for these items to be heavily reduced. You may like to adapt a similar strategy.

I think this strategy may be an excellent way for me to get high quality items in my closet that will last me for a long time while still keeping the budget in check.

Do you have a shopping strategy for this season?


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Rita Palazzi

Dear Sylvia, that is a great strategy, but you have to be patient! It’s not my case …unfortunately.


True, we’ll see how I go…


You chose some gorgeous pieces, Sylvia! Love the colorful skirts. xo


Oooh…that first skirt is gorgeous!

I try my best to shop used clothing if I can. I’m not strategic like you.



I Have Two Friends That Do The Same Thing. Sometimes They Miss Out Sometimes They Dont. They Always Look Terrific Anyway.


I thought I could at least try. At least I will be more prepared when things go on sale!


Your strategy is ingenious! I am going to steal it for myself! I’ll be following your progress as well! Thanks for the brilliant idea.


Good luck Andrea!

Elaine Lascher

Fabulous idea, Sylvia. Thanks so much for sharing it! I need a strategy to begin transitioning my wardrobe towards my style goals so this makes a great deal of sense to me. I’ve used wish lists on Amazon for books so why not for clothes shopping? It will help me focus on what I really need and want rather than buying on impulse. If items on the list are out of reach financially, I may be able to find suitable substitutes as the season progresses.


True, it’s a great way to keep track of things you like also. You will be able to recognise similar pieces more easily.


Great strategy but not for me! I need a big size and there are only a few items available in my favorite shops. So my strategy is to go as often als possible in the beginning of the seasons and then I buy what appeals to me.


Also a good plan Gretha!

Greetje Kamminga

OK, this is way too much work for me. Besides I have the patience of an ant. Or a pee. Or a mosquito. In short: no patience at all. Also I have the resistance of a rubber flap. As soon as I am in the shop, trying something on which suits me and looks good on me, I will buy it.
So … there is a price to pay for such shortcomings in one’s character: full retail price.


Yes, I think this strategy would be too dangerous for you…

Accidental Icon

Very clever and wise strategy! I am going to give it a try in my favorite on line boutiques. If I use your process I won’t feel disinclined to shop online as I do now.

Accidental Icon


Fabulous strategy, one that my daughter and I adopted years ago. To add on, make bff’s with a sales associate in the department of your favorite collections(especially in the big stores and some online). They will email or TEXT you when they are about to have a sale and will even pull the pieces you’ve been looking at. I have a great story about this iconic 10K Oscar De La Renta coat that I had been eyeing. When it first went on sale I saw it on the rack and it was still too much and I told my associate I’d think about. 2 weeks later they had an extra 30% or 40% off on designer so I scurried in and it was no longer there. But my associate seeing my sad face asked if she could find something for me, and I told her, and she said “oh, I pulled that for you when it went % off I figured you’d be in”. I ended up getting that coat for just under 1K. 90% off the original price. Don’t be afraid or intimidated to shop that way!


Thanks for your feedback Ann and great to hear that this strategy works so well for you!


I’m as cheap as they come but hadn’t thought of this! Normally we shop consignment, vintage, and sample sales, with some ebay. I had been kind of randomly snapping photos in the windows of Saks, Bergdorf, etc, thinking that later I would keep an eye out for them, but this is a much more disciplined way to do it. Awesome!


Good luck Denton!


Sylvie, this makes sense to me! You address all the key considerations. Great plan to follow.


Great plan and it will be interesting to see how it works out. I find when the item is finally in the sale, my size has gone and only the smallest or the largest is left. But if it’s a popular manufacturer perhaps there are many outlets, which makes the item more likely to be available.


But then, you never know. I saw many items available in my size at the last sale…


I really like that first Net a Porter skirt. It is asymmetrical design without being an asymmetrical shape which I think makes it something I could wear to work.

Unfortunately, even if it hits 80 percent off and they still have my size, it is still more expensive than anything else I own. I would definitely need to try something like that on in a store before I would even consider making the purchase.


Yes, it would still be expensive, but if you do it right, it would also be very special…


That’s also my strategy for a while already. However, on some websites, just putting your items into a wishlist and then regularly have a look at it might not work (i.e. they don’t show discounted prices in the wishlists). I have experienced the problem on cosstores.com – my favorite brand – for example.
The solution is putting you favorites straight into the basket … (but naturally make SURE you confirm the basket only once they have reached the wanted discount …;-).


That is a great tip. Thanks for sharing!


Hi Sylvie I have just joined. I am 57 and 5’3″ and have always had a passion for clothes. It is the one constant in my life that I have never lost my love off. I still like the same colours and styles that I did when I was in my 20s.I guess it’s staying true to yourself and not feeling oh I should be wearing this because of age /in fashion /or to suit someone else. This year I decided I really don’t need as much clothes as I thought I did. So now I am buying more expensive (on sale) but less. So I love your idea and am going to do a wish list too.!!! I like The Habit and The Outlet. Bought some Michael Kors on this site. Like his stuff and it’s not as expensive as other designers. Oh i do mean the diffusion range for all the designers. I live in Ireland but most of the USA sites will ship. Looking forward to reading your posts. Thanks Rosemary


Welcome Rosemary and thanks for your feedback. Hope you get lucky with your wish list items!

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