So we all know what BB Creams are, but what are CC and DD Creams?

Are they all the same? Do I need all three?

Let’s find out!

BB Creams

Revisiting BB Creams, short for “Blemish Balm” or “Beauty Balm”, these creams contain a mixture of moisturiser, foundation, sunblock and primer. They have the ability to make your skin appear smoother, even out your skin tone, improve the look of your skin and prevent your skin from ageing.

For women over 40, who are blessed with good skin or those who loathe makeup or heavy foundations, BB Creams are for you. The most concerning thing about BB Creams is whether it has an adequate amount of sun protection. Make sure you check when purchasing your BB Cream.

CC Creams

CC Cream is short for “Colour Correcting”. This type of cream addresses issues like redness and sallowness.

There is a subtle difference between a BB and a CC cream and it pays to be diligent in checking the ingredients and benefits to suit your needs. Most women feel that a BB Cream is more like a tinted foundation, creamy and moisturising. A CC Cream feels lightweight and fast absorbing.

Advanced formulations within CC Creams will contain pharmaceuticals for anti-ageing or pigmentations to provide a longer-term result.

For women over 40, who encounter redness, discolouration, pigmentation or scarring, CC creams are perfect. They include advanced formulations like light diffusing particles to instantly correct skin tone, as well as plenty of antioxidants. Make sure you check when purchasing your CC Cream that the ingredients suit your purpose, as well as its sun protection.

DD Creams

DD Cream stands for “Dynamic Do-All” or “Daily Defense” Cream. DD Creams have the same texture as a BB Cream but offer more SPF protection as well as a barrier to prevent moisture loss. It also includes the Colour Correcting particles from the CC Cream.

DD Creams are most suitable for mature women. They provide a medium coverage with a lightweight feel as well as giving you all your skincare needs. 2 creams I recommend are DERMADOCTOR’s DD Cream which has an SPF30 or  JULEP DD Cream with an SPF25.

At the moment DD Creams are still new and most companies have yet to release their creams, but stay tuned.

Some brands are even going an extra step to create ranges which allow the customer to customise their needs. For example, Make Up For Ever’s Step 1 Skin Equaliser System provides 10 formulas to combat every texture and tone that is of concern. With customisation come multiple tubes of products, a bulky makeup bag and longer routine though. This may suit some women but definitely not all.


What do you think?

CC Cream – Corrects the model’s skin tone and makes her look brighter or fairer.

BB Cream – Gives a nice warmth to the model’s skin tone.

Model’s Choice: Prefers the BB Cream feel and look but neither cover the pigmentation or dark circles well enough.

So my only advice when purchasing any skincare or makeup product is to ask yourself “What does my skin need?” and “What do I need from this product?” Take your time and look around and I’m sure you will find a product that’s perfect for you and your skin!

Have you experimented with any BB, CC or DD creams? What is your preference?

kellysignatureKelly is 40+Style’s makeup and beauty expert writer. She is a professional makeup artist currently residing in Singapore. For more information or bookings contact her through her website.

What is the difference between BB, CC and DD Creams? |

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