If you did not know it already, I can tell you that the USA has some of (if not) the most spectacular nature you will ever see. The immense beauty of the sights seen on our trip through national parks in Utah and Arizona is just incredible.

One of my first stops after crossing the border of New Mexico was Goosenecks Sate Park. So named after the shape of the canyon, which I did not quite capture on film. It’s quite incredible that such an amazing site is largely overlooked and we were virtually the only tourists there. Goosenecks Sate Park falling over the edge USAnationalparks (16 of 23)

A little further on you find the Valley of the Gods. You can drive right through it and you will have no difficulty wondering why they gave this valley this particular name. The formations look spectacular and are awe inspiring.

Valley of the gods Valley of the gods view

I particularly loved all the beautiful colors of the scenery.

valley of the gods magical colors Valley of the gods Valley of the gods Utah USA USAnationalparks (21 of 23)USAnationalparks (6 of 23)

Quite a tricky (but spectacular) road to drive on.

USAnationalparks (3 of 9) USAnationalparks (4 of 9)  USAnationalparks (3 of 23)

We even came across a small twister blowing sand in the air. sand tornado

In the area we also came across the Aztec Ruins. Despite the name they have nothing to do with ‘Aztec’ but instead were created by pueblo people 900 years ago. It was a village complete with a great Kiva (temple) that was masterfully constructions with a combination of stone and wood. All the walls were plastered and it would have been a comfortable village to live in. Aztec ruins

Quite a bit of mystery surrounds the site. Noone can quite explain why the Pueblo people deserted the site, although the Pueblo people themselves feel there is no mystery at all and consider the site a spiritual site where they connect with their ancestors. Aztec ruins USAnationalparks (11 of 23)

Not far from the Valley of the Gods but in Arizona is Monument Valley. Site of many western movies and again a spectacular site of nature and beauty.

monument valley monument valley USA monument valley monument valley monument valley monument valley monument valley

A little further into Arizona is The Grand Canyon National Park, which is another stunning work of nature. Grand Canyon Grand Canyon USA Grand Canyon Grand Canyon

Then in Nevada we came across the Hoover Dam, which is a spectacular man made site.

Hoover Dam Nevada

I’m thankful for the opportunity to see this spectacular nature and these photographs so I will not easily forget it. If you like to see this pictures in higher resolution, they can also be found at Smugmug.

For now, I’d like to hear from you. What has been the most impressive nature you have ever seen?


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