Travelling through the Yellowstone National Park – day 1

by Sylvia

Travelling through the Yellowstone National Park - a photo gallery |

One of the highlights of our holiday was a visit to Yellowstone National Park. The grandness and beauty of this huge national park is hard to describe so I will just let the photos do the the talking.

They should really be admired at a much bigger size and I have therefore also uploaded them to my photography site. Be sure to browse to page 3 of the travel category!


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Since I had too many fabulous photos of Yellowstone National Park, I decided to split it over 2 articles. So stay tuned for more magic in 12 hours!

Have you ever been to Yellowstone National Park? What impressed you most?


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1 Andrea@WellnessNotes

I have never been to Yellowstone. Gorgeous photos!


2 Elaine

Yellowstone was another destination on my BC trip last fall. It was my favorite stop. Hard to describe the beauty and uniqueness of this place. Water, colors, land formations and steam rising out of the ground everywhere. Your photos of the wildlife and sights are stunning. Will visit your photography site for more!


3 Greetje

Uou get to see such awesome sights. I feel like a small town girl. I know, it is my own choice.


4 Evie

Hello, Sylvia, and Welcome to the U.S.! Your photos are beautiful, and I can’t wait to see the rest. Three years ago, we took our 13-year-old granddaughter with us on vacation to that area. It is great that your son is with you. There is lot to enjoy out there. (I say that because I live on the East Coast and it seems very far away.) Your son might enjoy something in Jackson, Wyoming that our granddaughter wanted to see every day. Each afternoon, in the town square of Jackson, a group performed an old-style western skit. They also sang and included some of the audience standing around the square. It was fun, and something she still remembers as a highlight of the trip for her. Plus, the buffalo wandering slowly beside and even across the roads. They are amazingly huge and seem unafraid of cars. P.S. I’m new to your site and enjoying all the info and ideas!


5 Rita

Beautiful photos of a beautiful place! I love the wildlife, of course, but what makes Yellowstone truly special and unique to me is the geothermal activity…the geysers, pools, and sulfur deposits. It’s an amazing experience to see some of the inner workings of the earth peek through the surface! Plus the fact that the whole region is the caldera of a supervolcano and still very active makes visiting that more exhilarating! I was at the park briefly about 25 years ago and would love to go back.


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