I have always been quite a fan of the dropped waist dress. Although it is a risky look for me (it elongates my upper body which is already relatively long when compared to my legs), I feel I can get away with it, if I wear heels. Due to my already reasonable height, that makes me tall enough to pull of this look, which is great because I always feel very comfortable in dresses that are not tight around the waist.

grey dress with red high heelsThis dress was bought almost 2 years ago in a surprise shop I found in my home town Nijmegen and designed by designer Hue Tran. I was drawn to the well designed top part, fun back (which silly me forgot to photograph) and the perfect length, with the dress just falling on top of the knee.

Still, I would not say that the dress has been an outright success. I’m a bit over my grey phase and am now more drawn to black and white or more colorful outfits. Women over 40, including me, look much better with a bit of color or contrast added, so I feel that this dress would either need a colorful or a white jacket. I’m sure I would wear this dress much more if I lived in a colder climate where I could easily combine it with contrasting jackets, and lovely boots. But as you know, Singapore is hot hot hot, so no need for all that. So in that case I will need to find another way to break the rather dull grey.

red bag, grey dressI felt I found a good solution by pairing it with some red and white accessories, like the red and white belt, red watch, necklace and shoes. In fact I should do just that as grey is perfect for matching it with all kinds of other colors like orange.

Still very basic, which suits my style, but it has added enough interest and contrast to make the outfit look interesting and good on me.

This dress is a great basic which I’m sure I will be able to wear for quite a long time to come.

What have you been wearing this weekend?


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