The grey dress, or how to make plain more attractive

by Sylvia

Grey dress with red accessories

I have always been quite a fan of the dropped waist dress. Although it is a risky look for me (it elongates my upper body which is already relatively long when compared to my legs), I feel I can get away with it, if I wear heels. Due to my already reasonable height, that makes me tall enough to pull of this look, which is great because I always feel very comfortable in dresses that are not tight around the waist.

grey dress with red high heelsThis dress was bought almost 2 years ago in a surprise shop I found in my home town Nijmegen and designed by designer Hue Tran. I was drawn to the well designed top part, fun back (which silly me forgot to photograph) and the perfect length, with the dress just falling on top of the knee.

Still, I would not say that the dress has been an outright success. I’m a bit over my grey phase and am now more drawn to black and white or more colorful outfits. Women over 40, including me, look much better with a bit of color or contrast added, so I feel that this dress would either need a colorful or a white jacket. I’m sure I would wear this dress much more if I lived in a colder climate where I could easily combine it with contrasting jackets, and lovely boots. But as you know, Singapore is hot hot hot, so no need for all that. So in that case I will need to find another way to break the rather dull grey.

red bag, grey dressI felt I found a good solution by pairing it with some red and white accessories, like the red and white belt, red watch, necklace and shoes. In fact I should do just that as grey is perfect for matching it with all kinds of other colours like orange. Still very basic, which suits my style, but it has added enough interest and contrast to make the outfit look interesting and good on me. Want to see more looks from other women, check out monday mingle and  visible monday.

This dress is a great basic which I’m sure I will be able to wear for quite a long time to come.

What have you been wearing this weekend?

1 P.K. Cravens

Oh well done! I especially like the shoes.

2 Sylvia

Thanks P.K.!

3 Kim,USA

That gray and red looks good on you. And your purse it is very pretty!!
Yellow Silk Top

4 Sylvia

Thanks Kim!

5 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

That *is* a wonderful dress, and I really like the red and white accents. You definitely have the height and slim frame to wear the drop-waist well. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday!

6 Sylvia

Thanks Patti!

7 The Style Crone

Grey is such a great neutral, and putting it together with red is perfect on you. The heeled sandals are beautiful and look so inviting as I trudge through the weekend’s blizzard.

8 Sylvia

Hope you are not too much put off by all my summery looks when it’s winter at yours. Just imagine a few boots with this dress, a jacket, scarf…..

9 Terri

Sylvia–I love all the red accents with this dress. I spent all last year trying to outgrow my love for grey, but I notice since my color campaign is over that the grey has been creeping back into my wardrobe. The knit would be so comfortable and I’ve been known to drop a waist by simply adding a belt, even with jeans.

10 Sylvia

It’s indeed one of the most comfortable dresses I own. Great length and good quality. It wil last me a while…

11 Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

Wow Sylvia – I LOVE the red with the grey dress, what a fabulous combination! You really have transformed what is seen as a dull colour into something very vibrant… love love love!

Catherine x

12 Sylvia

Thanks Catherine. It’s amazing what just a few accessories can do….

13 Robert

Pretty dress! The grey and red combination really looks good on you! I especially love your choice of shoes and purse..
This dress seems to be quite durable! What is it made out of? Thanks!

14 Sylvia

Thanks Robert! The label say 40% rayon, 60% spun

15 Shybiker

Very cute. Nice structure, nice pops of color. Good work!

16 Sylvia

Thanks Shybiker!

17 Carly

Popping over for the first time from Monday Mingle…love the idea behind your blog..mine is dedicated to the changes in wardrobe from your thirties and beyond…ah the fashion choices we made in our 20’s just don’t seem appropriate, hahaha.

Love this look…the charcoal grey and red is such a great combo….beautiful bag…and yes drop waist can be tricky but you do it beautifully:) Total HIT on this one.

18 Sylvia

Hi Carly. Welcome to 40PlusStyle and thanks for leaving your kind feedback!

19 WendyB

The accessories really make this outfit. Gray can be so drab! I never understand why people wear it without something to liven it up, the way you’ve done.

20 Sylvia

I think I’ve been guilty of doing that in the past.. Not anymore! Plain dresses are great, but certainly colors like grey need a little extra something!

21 Jeannie

Grey and red is simply wonderful! Red is def your color!

22 Sylvia

Thanks Jeannie. Yes, I think so too!

23 Kerri

Love the read and grey combination.

24 Sylvia

Thanks for visiting my blog Kerri and your kind feedback!

25 Orangies Attic

LOVE LOVE LOVE this look! Orangies Attic

26 Sylvia

Thank you!

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