Shopping in Soho with 40+Style readers!

by Sylvia

Shopping in Soho with 40+Style readers! |

Yesterday I met up with 3 readers from 40+ style for a day of fun and shopping!

Lorraine, Elaine, Nathalie, Denton and myself started the day off in Startbucks at Soho and decided that we wanted to do a combination of second hand and retail shopping.


First stop was Scoop where I bought the silk layered top I wear in the pictures. This shop is full of great brands and if you are in the area, you should definitely check out the sales rack. I pointed Natalie to this thick cotton Helmut Lang jacket I tried on earlier. Only size L was left and unfortunately, it was slightly too big on her.



Next stop was &Other Stories. A sister brand of H&M that sells slightly more fancier things. They had a great selection of shoes and Elaine bought 2 pairs! She also bought some white pants. Both Natalie and myself snapped up a t-shirt with a geometric print.


From there we moved on to second hand store Housing Works where I found wide leg bell button white pants from Theory. I had been looking for these kinds of pants for a while to replace my old ones,  and these ones fit perfectly so that was a good score! Natalie worked away with a fabulous spotted jumper.

We then spotted a store, Le Sak Paris, where I spotted the most unique bags from brand Cleo & Patek at 90% off, so you will find one of these beauties on the site soon. Natalie got a black purse too.

Finally, Elaine added a skirt and and a very unique laced cardigan to her wardrobe while Natalie scored the perfect black pants.


Natalie: Tierra flats, Cleo & Patec Italy black bag, geometric tee from & Other Stories, black ankle pants from Club Monaco and Wallace, JCrew UK, polka dot sweater from consignment shop


Elaine: Moss green boots, black&white flats and white pants at &Other Things. Black lacey baseball jacket and floral skirt at Club Monaco. Necklace from Tierra

Only Lorraine missed out on purchasing anything but that was partly because she could not get the stunning pink coat she tried on yesterday in a Upper East Side resale store out of her head. She may still go back to buy it.

We had the most fabulous and fun day shopping and I’m so glad I got to connect with some of my amazing readers!


Many thanks to Denton for taking some of the ‘action’ photographs!


Photography by Denton Taylor

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It was lovely to meet with Elaine and Natalie and I was so happy to see them buy some great, stylish items! I was impressed with &otherstories – the footwear is fab – and as well as clothes they have a huge range of body lotions and bath products in gorgeous scents (I did buy something in that department!). Sylvia was also incredibly lucky to find the Theory pants, which were a perfect fit. It was a fun day!


This was a lot of fun and glad to see everyone got some great clothes at great prices!


I think you left at the right time Denton. Waiting for four women to try, choose and pay for items was very time consuming!


Oh I would have liked to join. You know how much I love these trips. And I also know that second hand in New York is sooooo much better than second hand in The Netherlands. That black bag of Natalie…. so good. I would have bought that. The Helmut Lang jacket looked stunning. It reminded me of the Helmut Lang leather jacket at Holt Renfrew, but this one is more wearable. And I have a size L…. Oh well.


Forgot to say how pleased I am for you that you found your favourite white trousers and Theory is such a good brand. Your black and white top is lovely. I spotted it straight away. I will ask Lorraine if she bought the pink coat…


I love shopping in Soho – thanks for the tips on some new spots. I have bought a few treasures at the Housing Works shop – the bookstore next to it is the setting for lots of movies and TV shows. xox


Aww…looks like you ladies had a great time, and scored lots of lovely things. 🙂


I am so sorry I couldn’t make it to the NYC meet but was on my way home from Montauk at the time. I hope to join you in September and have some fun exploring “my” city with you!!


You all look amazing and so happy. What a great idea to meet up and shop together; bet it was a huge laugh along the way as well.
The second hand shops here (Scotland) are pretty dire, and I’ve honestly never seen anything I would buy or wear, so I’m presuming they are a whole lot better there.
Enjoy the rest of your time together and splash the cash!!!


They ARE a lot better, but also more expensive. But some are great for acquiring higher end brands at affordable prices.


The meetup looks like a big hit! Any shopping with lots of laughter counts. I’m glad you had a good time. And what a great-looking group of women. Thanks to Denton for the action photography.


A shopping day in Melbourne Australia would be great please Sylvia.


Perhaps some time in the future….


I love this post so much – looks like you had great fun – if I lived in NYC I would certainly have come too!

Yvonne from XX


We had such a wonderful time meeting Sylvia, Denton and Lorraine and shopping in Soho. Nat and I may make it an annual event. Sylvia pointed me to the print skirt I bought at Club Monaco and the black and white flats. Very excited to wear the new stuff!


That is a great idea. Great way to spend time with your sister and to enjoy New York! Who knows, I may come again…. I look forward to seeing your pictures.


What a treat it was to spend the day shopping in Soho with Elaine and new friends Sylvia and Lorraine. Listening and learning from Sylvia’s comments helped me focus and make sensible choices. The black ankle pants from Club Monaco were a must but the cream sweatshirt I paired with it was ill-fitting which she pointed out preventing major embarrassment and the loss of substantial cash. The black bag was icing on the cake. I am excited to take the 21 Steps Course and work on my style. A big thank you to Denton for great photos.


Thank you so much for coming Natalie. What a great day we had!


Looks like fun! Everyone scored some really lovely pieces.

Wonderful photos too.


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