Review of La prairie anti-aging night cream

by Sylvia

La prairie anti-aging night cream review

As I’m over 40 I need some good help to make sure that I’m not aging too soon. This is why I bought La Prairie Anti Aging Night Cream a while ago to provide my skin with a good cream that nourishes the skin at night. La Prairie was recommended to me by friends as one of the top anti-aging creams on the market. It certainly is one of the most expensive (although this is not their top of the range product)! So is this cream worth the money?

What is La Prairie anti-aging night cream?

This night cream complements the SPF30 anti-aging day cream and aims to prevent skin damage at the cellular level. It smoothens the skin and reduces wrinkles. It also aims to purify the skin and increase hydration.


I no longer have the information that came with the product and an internet search did not reveal any ingredient specifications for this product. The La Prairie website does not list any product specifications and only lists the benefits.

For an analysis of the ingredients and their risk check out this page.

Packiging and application

I’m a sucker for pretty things (all my skincare products are permanently displayed in the bathroom so it is important) and the heavy silver container really appealed to me.

The cream is applied each night  on the face and neck.

What was the cream like?

La Prairie anti-aging night cream is a very pleasant cream with a pleasing smell and soft texture. The cream is well absorbed by the skin and after application the skin feels soft and moisturized. I never felt any kind of irritation.

There was really nothing I did not like about the cream itself. However, I would have liked to know the exact ingredients of the cream which neither the packaging nor the official website provide. Of course it would also be nice if it was a little cheaper.


This is indeed one of the best anti-aging night creams I have ever tried. I liked the fact that the cream is absorbed well without causing greasy or sticky skin. The smell is very pleasant and I felt that the cream kept my skin in an improved condition. If you want a high quality cream that nourishes the skin at night and makes the skin smooth and silky then La Prairie is a very good pick. You can buy it online at StrawberryNet

1 Karena Mawson

Just wanted to let you know that I love following your blog. I have just turned the big 50 and (for the most part!!) are embracing and enjoying my middle-aged years. I have been a skincare and makeup junkie for years and with the encouragement of my younger sister, who is a writer, have just started my own blog downunder. I have just purchased the La Prairie Anti-aging Day and Night Creams and are loving both. My blog is mainly about beauty thus far – thanks for providing me with the inspiration to give it a go!!

2 Sylvia

Hi Karena. Welcome to 40+Style and congratulations on starting your blog. I have added you to the list and wish you great success with your site. I look forward to connecting with you more on the site.

3 Kathy

Just signed up for 40plusstyle and am enjoying all the blogs. My face looks good with a little help here and there from plastic surgery. I also have always used good product also retin a and sunscreen and hats it seems forever. I am a redhead and fair skin. Lying on a beach is not friendly. I will get to the point my main concern now is my hands and what I can do for wrinkling and also sagging crapey skin on my arms besides fillers and arm lifts. I have lost a lot of weight over the last 2 years which I know contributes to it. I exercise daily eat health and drinks lots of water. Any suggestions?

4 Dudu

I love the laprairie night cream. My skin is glowing. The price is high but worth every penny. Love it 🙂

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