Combining a pixie haircut with a great winter outfit

by Sylvia

Combining a pixie outfit with a great winter outfit |

I’m very attracted to the total look of this woman.

Even though each of the individual pieces don’t particularly excite me, the total look just works. 

When I see a woman look this good with a good hairstyle I’m tempted to cut my own hair this way!

The outfit is also a good example of how you can wear a skirt or dress in winter!

What do you think of this outfit and haircut?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Lisa

I like this outfit, too, but it’s a style I don’t think I could emulate. There is a certain elan that she has that allows her to carry this off. If I did it I would just end up looking like a crazy colorblind bag lady.

That is the part of style that just eludes me. I don’t think it’s confidence because I’m quite the confident person. But this is definitely something that I just can’t do.

2 Sylvia

I think you have to be 100% confident of the outfit too to make it work. I don’t think I could make it work either, but that is because I would have doubts in the individual elements. If I believed in them 100% I should be able to pull it off…

3 Rita Atkins

I like the play of colors, pattern, and texture (especially the fringe). It looks happy and comfy, while being chic as well. I try to keep my fine hair as long as possible, though. I could never pull off a short hair style like this without looking like a boy. It looks great on her.

4 Patti

She looks confident and chic – I agree the hair adds to the cool-ness.

5 Linda Robertson

Finally my hair has grown into a pixie. I lost all of it in my chemo treatments. Posts like this give me ideas on how to dress while my hair continues to grow! BTW I have been Cancer free for 7 months.
Thanks for all of your inspiring posts

6 Sylvia

Congratulations Linda! So good to hear that you are doing well.

7 Pam Fredrickson

Congratulations to you Linda…that is wonderful news to share!!

8 Elaine Lascher

I love that she has an eccentric look and really owns it. Having just torn through my closet eliminating stuff that no long meets my style goals I can’t say I would wear anything like this outfit but it looks great on her. I’ve rocked the pixie haircut in the past but at my current age it makes me look older and masculine. These days my hair is much longer and straight but. I am visiting my stylist this week and hoping to have her update my cut with some long layers.

9 denton

I’m glad you chose this photo and like the outfit. As a photographer it’s easy to spot the outlandish and the outrageous along with all the other photogs and run over and do battle. Oftentimes you have a second or less to look over a person and their outfit and ask them for a photo. That means there is really no time to say, hmm, I like the way she matches this to that. It’s an overall impression and getting the right impression is what it’s all about. Then when you get home and look at the image in the monitor, you say yes! She really has it going on.

10 Greetje Kamminga

Yes the pieces work very well together. This lady has a very classic, beautiful face. Anything will suit her.
I am trying these kind of outfits now, as I want to wear more skirts. I know it is the modern way of styling, but I am still having doubts when I see my own pictures. Takes time getting used to I suppose.

11 Kathy

LOVE the total look! Gives me courage to be more creative.

12 kay kerns

I like it very much although I would not copy her look exactly for myself — on her it looks great. Love the shades!

13 Deborah Gates

It’s a more alternate style that I find very appealing. Her hair is fabulous and her overall look is quite effortless she exudes that sense of this is me and I feel good about that. Her hair is fabulous. If only I had the guts to go that short at the front of my hair 🙂

14 Petra

This woman has a great style going on – I would love to see what else she wears! Her look is subtle but uses interesting fabrics and shapes. Her face and hair really make the outfit tho’ – kind of punk 🙂

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