The first month in the style club is almost over and we had a blast!

The members learned more about their body type and they put everything they learned to the test in our monthly challenge.

The challenge

They were given a shopping list of 12 pieces (and several alternatives) plus several accessories which would form the base of their capsule. They could shop their own wardrobe (which most of them did) or buy a new item online. Each woman would adapt the capsule to her unique body type and style.

They tagged the looks by day and by body type so women could easily browse the looks by day or body type.

The outfits

So many wonderful looks were uploaded each day into the private members group that I wanted to share some here. The women below have all kindly agreed to share their favorite looks and their experience with the first challenge with you.

Please note that these looks are their personal interpretations of that day’s outfit so no look was ever quite the same. Sometimes a skirt was swapped for pants or a dress for a tunic.

Many women stuck to the same outfit formula though ad it’s such a great way to see how others have interpreted that exact same outfit. it’s given the women in the club a a lot of new ideas for their own looks!

Day 1

Left, Meena: This style I discovered through this challenge. I quite liked it. I am heavily pear shape. 36-32-48. Also height is a limitation. But this outfit is looking quite good to me.

Right, Ute: This outfit is from day 1. I’m a rectangle with a bit wider shoulders than hips (triangle) and I’m 5″5 tall.
I like this look, because it’s a new look for me. During this first month in the club I’ve learned a lot about the rule of thirds. It was also amazing to see how many different styles you can create in 2 weeks with only a few items. Accessories are very important to me, because they can make the same clothes look really different, although I’ve learned not to overdo it. The constructive advice from the others was great. It’s so helpful to see myself through foreign eyes.

Day 2

Left, Sue: I’m rectangle, short torso, 5’5″, 36,31,36. Doing the capsule helped me find a workable style within my wardrobe that suited my newly discovered style words, personality, and body type. Previously there has been an abundance of orphaned styles. The capsule has become a baseline – I can see clearly what does and doesn’t go within it, making it clearer to have a sense of direction and cohesion within my wardrobe.

I chose my day 2 outfit for three reasons. I’m new to asymmetry and am pretty happy with the way it can be used to disguise a belly and add a bit of dynamics to an otherwise safe outfit. Secondly, I love that I am finding my waist, after decades of it being hidden under unflattering clothes! Thirdly, it feels ‘natural urban creative’, my style words. 

Right, Vickie: With most of the looks I wore, I identified things that I needed to improve on or tweak with the next wear. The style challenge has been a very helpful exercise and I have enjoyed participating. It has been so nice sharing style tips with ladies from all over the world.

Day 3

Cheryl: I am a Pear. I loved this challenge. Fun, fun, fun! So helpful and rewarding to finally learn how to put together separates for my body type in a modern way. I had three favorites so it was hard to pick one. I finally decided on this one. 🙂 I feel like the outside matches the inside of me and I like that.

Left, Gina: This outfit is from day 3 of the challenge. I chose this as my favorite because the I think the proportions of the short jacket with the wide leg pants really complement my petite rectangle shape. This also happens to be one of my favorite tops and is a good example of my sense of style. I have learned so much from these last 2 weeks. I have discovered new outfits that I would never tried on my own. I have also learned that tailoring my clothes to fit is key to looking my best.

Right, Elaine: This is a look from my capsule on Day 3. Our assignment was jeans, print top with a short jacket. I chose this look because it contained 3 elements that I love and were favourably mentioned by Club members – yellow sandals, print top, white jeans and denim jacket. I learned that people notice details and that a simple outfit can be elevated with color, proportions and accessories. My body type is Inverted triangle.

Left, Cheri: This is my day 3 outfit. I have had each of these pieces for years but had never tried them together and had all but stopped wearing the patterned shirt. I felt comfortable and confident in this outfit and I really liked how the jacket dressed up the jeans and yet the whole outfit was fun/funky/youngish. This outfit exemplifies why I signed up for the group, it used my existing clothes but showed me a new way of wearing them that was age appropriate but young/stylish.

I loved getting both good and constructive feedback on each of the outfits. I started calling this the “self-esteem group”!

In the last two weeks I learned how to identify gaps in my wardrobe, shop for specific items rather than just “anything that fits”, try different combos and accessories and think critically about my clothes/body type and rule of thirds. I am 5’2, and have a pear shape.

Right, Karen: This outfit is from Day 3. I am an hourglass shape. I liked this look because it made my legs look longer. I learned this week (through one of your videos) that I can adjust the length of my tops just by pulling them up or down. I tried keeping the top up to try and create a good 1/3 balance. I could possibly have it a bit higher still. I had not previously paired this top with this jacket and now I have no idea why I didn’t do it before. This will be a go-to outfit for sure.

Day 4

Deborah: This outfit from day4 is my favourite as it best shows my style. I haven’t tried this jacket with this dress before. It’s a mix of dramatic, creative, sophisticated and a bit yang. This challenge has helped to identify gaps in my wardrobe and helped me plan future purchases to have a more cohesive wardrobe. I’m an hourglass with a bit of Apple.

Day 5

Left, Ellen: This outfit is from day 5. I’m a rectangle that verges on apple depending on my weight. With age, I never wear skirts anymore so this was a real challenge. I like how this shorter skirt (one of only two I own from 10 years ago) worked with the long duster so my legs don’t feel so bare.

Right, Denise: This is the look I prefer as it really shows my personality, I’m in love with life, with rock’n’roll, blues, etc. I’m a rebel with a cause. Even at 65. I recently have started a french blog on women over 50. I really feel this is an almost perfect representation of who I am inside.

Day 6

Stella: This is my day 6 outfit. I chose it as my favourite because it was a look I hadn’t tried before and it took me out of my comfort zone, made me think more about my complete look and I ended up with a look I was really pleased with. I am a rectangle/apple.

Day 7

Gloria: I am pear shape and felt this outfit highlighted my upper body with a flattering color, while the white tunic underneath and white jeans created a column of one color. I added an animal print purse as an accessory with complementary low boots. This challenge of understanding our body type is helping me understand what to highlight and makes me more aware of flattering ratios.

Day 8

Left, Sue: This is from day 8: which I chose because I like this particular top with my new tweed jacket and it’s a new combination that I discovered as a result of this challenge. I’m a rectangle/apple (also like the fact that my tummy is disguised!) 5′ and a bit, 69 years young.

Right, Rosemond: wore patterned shirt with black jeans, navy moto jacket, off white scarf and a red bangle to add a pop of color.

Day 9

Cynthia: I’m selecting the outfit for day 9. Black pencil skirt, black fringed long cardigan, white top and patterned silk scarf. This outfit really balanced my figure which is plus size apple. The colors were a nice compliment. The outfit made me feel confident and beautiful. The base pieces are classic and can be dressed both up and down, as I learned in the challenge.

The capsule wardrobe challenge was a great exercise in learning how to shop your closet, get creative with pieces and learn how to save money. I learned a lot.

Karen: This was my outfit for day 9, patterned skirt with white blouse and cardigan. This skirt was featured in Sylvia’s shopping list as a shopping option. It’s a much nicer skirt than I would normally buy, from Vince Camuto, and I feel that one nice piece can really be inspiring. From others’ input I learned that red is a good color on me and also to tuck in my shirt to achieve a better ratio. I’m in between a rectangle and inverted triangle, not much in the way of hips, only 5 feet tall. I love putting together a capsule and sharing the experience with nice women from all around the world.

Day 10

Claudia: This is my favorite look because it emphasises the accessories!

Left, Natalie: This is my Day 10 outfit. The proportion of 2/3, 1/3 is on target for my 5’7″ height. The black accented boat neckline adds balance to my primary rectangle body type with pear as a secondary. I feel stylish, modern and confident when I wear this outfit.

Right, Wendy: This outfit is from day 10. I’m a rectangle and a short 5’1″ tall. This style is a completely new one for me and one I want to play around with.

I’ve really loved this challenge for a number of reasons. I have got to look at my wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes, evaluating colour, style and proportion as well as new combinations. I have also found that the photos and supportive and constructive comments from this group have enabled me to learn a huge amount.

Want to see the complete capsule and all shared looks?

If you want to see all looks in this challenge and get the complete capsule for yourself, be sure to become a member of the Style Club! You can join the waiting list here. Once registered (when doors open again) you will get to connect with all these fabulous women.

Next month the style theme and challenge is going to be about spring.

We will talk about the latest trends, how to incorporate them (if at all) in your wardrobe and how to create fabulous outfits for cooler weather. Of course you will get your own custom-made (and shoppable) spring capsule as well, which we will share over 2 weeks in the private member community.

In April, we will tackle the dreaded belly and how to hide it through creating fabulous silhouettes and fool proof clothing tricks, while we will cover the important topic of accessorizing in May.

Which of the above looks is your favorite?

Looking back at the first challenge in the Style Club: favorite looks and experiences |

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