How to wear a printed skirt 4 different ways

by Sylvia

How to wear a printed skirt 4 different ways |

I thought it would be fun to show you how to wear the skirt and necklace I showed you earlier in different ways. These were actually the different ways I considered wearing this skirt on my outing to the Singapore boat quay.

Wear with a sweater

First up we have the skirt worn with a knitted sweater. Skirts worn with sweaters were very popular on the runways and it’s a great way to wear the skirt in a colder climate. Feel free to add tights!

Have fun with pattern mixing

Wearing a printed skirt with prints |

For a more hip and funky look, add a printed top. In this outfit the necklace blends in, but still provides a nice sparkle.

Keep it simple & clean with white

Wearing a printed skirt with plain white |

And there is my short white blouse again. I love it with this arty skirt. This outfit would look great combined with a jacket too.

Wear it with more color

wearing a printed skirt with more color |

Just to compare here it is with the orange top again you saw before. The most casual and colorful outfit of the four.

Of course, there is plenty more you can do with a skirt like this. I have not even played with jackets for example or added black on top. A white button down shirt tucked in would look fab too.

Skirts really are very versatile and I have found that a printed skirt is fun and easy to wear. You may like to add one to your wardrobe too!

Skirt Vivienne Tam, cream sweater Zara, black & white blouse Donna Karan, white blouse Cos, orange top Alldressedup, shoes Ecco, necklace Jennifer Laiselle for Boticca.

Do you have a printed skirt in your wardrobe already? How do you like to wear it? Which of the 4 outfits above do you like the best?


1 Rebecca

My favorites are 1 and 3. Looks 2 & 4 are a little too busy for my taste.

2 Sylvia

Thanks for the feedback Rebecca!

3 Debra@AModernTranslation

I have several printed skirts as I prefer having prints on skirts than on dresses. I typically wear those skirts with solid tops and the tops vary depending on the weather. My favorite look is the skirt with sweater, though I do really like the color top also.

4 Sylvia

Yes I prefer the solid tops also. I will always tend towards a more minimal look….

5 erin

Lovely styling! I tend to wear solid bottoms and print on top, so this is a refreshing look to me 🙂

6 Sylvia

Yes definitely try it sometimes. Printed skirts are fun to wear.

7 Fiona

What a fab skirt, so versatile

8 Sylvia

Thanks Fiona. Yes it truly is!

9 Lisa

Definitely #4, but I like #3 also. I just can’t reconcile myself to pattern mixing.

My summer wardrobe is lousy — a little too casual and not much of that. So I’m trying to build it little by little. Didn’t see many skirts in a shape that flatters me, unfortunately. I need to keep looking.

10 Sylvia

Yes keep looking Lisa. I know you will find it. It pays to be patient!

11 Ann

I do like this skirt and love the shoes so much! I think I like it best with the both of the white top best. I have many patterned skirts and find them fun to wear and mix with tops. This one is a beauty and I would buy it too. Fun post Sylvia, you look great!

blue hue wonderland

12 Sylvia

Thanks Ann. The good thing about these shoes is that you can actually walk in them! They are comfortable. I loved your latest golden brown shoes too. You always look so fabulous!

13 denton

#1 is beautiful!

14 Sylvia

Thanks Denton!

15 JoanieB

For me really only number 2 would be wearable, couldn’t do the white jumper and at the moment I feel more comfortable with less arm exposure. The skirt and the shoes are lovely. A great look !!

16 Sylvia

Great to get a thumbs up for number 2! Of course you could wear the skirt with many other tops with sleeves. I mainly choose sleeveless here because of the hot climate.

17 Elsie Davies

This skirt is very pretty Sylvia and I love how you’ve styled it with the orange top!

18 Sylvia

Thanks for your kind feedback Elsie!

19 Natalia

I think you score with all of these looks, Sylvia! I love variety more than anything, and styling the same piece of clothing in different ways, with different vibes and characters each time, is what I go for. I would also buy this skirt – what not to like about it? It’s beautiful, fun, flattering and provides unlimited inspiration!

20 Sylvia

thanks Natalie. Yes versatile pieces are the best!

21 Fabulous 30s

Gorgeous skirt. And I love the idea of pattern mixing.

Fabulous 30s

22 Aileen Wrennall

My favourites are 1 & 4 and I prefer the proportions of the last one with the shorter top. Love this skirt and wish I could find one as nice as this.

23 Sylvia

Look and you will find Aileen. I bumped into this one totally by accident and it was even on sale!

24 Ashley

Great looks! I love them all!

25 Sylvia

thanks Ashley!

26 catherine

Great looks Sylvia. My favorites are 1 and 4.

Joly Look

27 Sylvia

Thanks for the feedback Catherine. I think #4 is leading in the votes!

28 Elizabeth Lindsay

I love colour

29 Lorraine

This skirt has proved to be very versatile and I feel it is very ‘you’. If I had to chose it would be the last look – I like the colours.

30 Sylvia

Thanks Lorraine. I think most of my readers do. Most of you love some color!

31 Greetje

Four very good ways of styling this fabulous skirt (and necklace). Being rather conservative I would choose a different styling. Indeed with a jacket. The fourth one is my favourite, but I am less of an a-symmetric girl myself. I would probably end up with a totally boring outfit instead of a modern outfit like you do.

32 Rita A.

I have a couple print skirts and usualy wear them with a solid top in some coordinating color and a solid cardigan, sometimes the same color as the top. (My boring solid tops again!)

I like your 3rd and 4th outfit best. That is similar to what I would do, except I usually have at least a cap sleeve unless it is really warm outside.

33 Beth

I’m surprised to say I love the pattern mixing! I, too, usually keep it simple, but I really admire people who can pull off the mix. Thanks for the inspiration!

34 Sylvia

Thanks Beth. You may want to give it a try for yourself. Just start with very subtle patterns..

35 Yolanda

I really like the pattern mixing. I think that perhaps you could also try a black and white vertical stripe or black and white dots with it. Not for everyone, but I think it’s more interesting that the solid with print.

36 Jill Pontiere

You totally rock the look, Sylvia!

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