Hot in a pink coat! Or why you should consider a colorful coat this winter

by Sylvia

Pink winter coat |

Colder and darker days are approaching for many of you in the Northern hemisphere so coats are becoming part of your every day wardrobe again.

I have often advocated adding a colorful coat to your wardrobe to brighten up the gloomy and dark streets and Lorraine did just that  when she found this coat in a consignment store in New York.pinkwintercoat-6opt

It looks great with the patterned pants and can be worn with the pink top but will look even better with a black or white blouse underneath.

If you wanted to tone down the hot pink a bit you could add a fabulous scraf in black and white.

If hot pink is a bit much for you, try a more subdued color in a pattern or opt for a more muted color. I loved my light gray coat last year which is still a neutral but stands out because it’s so much lighter than all the other coats on the street.

I’m not suggesting you should ditch your dark neutral coats altogether as they are simply too useful, but I guarantee you that you will have a lot more fun (and will brighten up the days of both yourself and others) when you step out in a colorful coat!

pinkwintercoat-2opt pinkwintercoat-4opt pinkwintercoat-5opt

Below are a few fabulous coats I found online.

How do you feel about a colorful winter coat?


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This is something I will be adding to my closet this year. I love the bright pink one. I notice the older I get the more I seem to fade away & really need the color to feel alive! Plus, I think I have been hiding in my black coats for several years trying not to draw attention to my aging self. 🙂 Thanks for your many good ideas. Have a wonderful day. I just have to say that I found pictures of your Amsterdam home on your blog & love your use of color. Especially I like your mix of dining room chairs.


Beautiful & love the last photo! My wife recently found a similar coat, also in a consignment shop, and it looks great. A bit more to the red spectrum but looks great too.


Thanks Denton! That pic is so me…….Sylvia captured me so well! Loved the NY consignment stores!


THE COAT! It’s gorgeous…great you bought it, Lorraine! I have a pale pink wool coat which is nice when everyone else is wearing black/grey/brown, but it doesn’t pop like this one. What a great find!


My shopping friend! I can’t believe I actually walked away from this coat and went back two days later, even though Sylvia and Elle (My Daily Costume blog) were telling me I had to buy it! Doh! Thank goodness it was still there!

Tami Von Zalez

Love it! Pinned it!


Is this the coveted pink coat from New York? It looks fabulous on Lorraine. I love the color and am glad she bought it. I’m going to keep my eyes pealed for a bright red or cobalt coat this year.


Elaine, it is indeed! This coat is the reason I held back from spending when we all went shopping in NY!


I’m glad you went back for it. It’s the perfect color for you. You look so happy in the pictures I can tell you will love wearing it.


Beautiful coat! Why not stand out? xo


Lorraine looks awesome. I love the colour and the cut of that bold pink winter coat. Definitely it’s one of the best coats I’ve seen in stores or on the street.


I love this! I love her pants too.



Hi Suzanne
Thank you!
The pants were super cheap but they are great! I love them too!

Cathy crandall

Hi Sylvia-the pink looks fabulous & here’s my color coat story: I had purchased a bright royal blue coat at my favorite local consignment store a while ago, hung it in my closet and oops! Forgot all about it! Upon (re)finding it last winter and wearing it a LOT I received more compliments all winter on that coat (even from total strangers!) than ant coat I’ve ever worn! AND the part that even amazed me more was because, many years ago when I had my ‘colors’ done, I was told that due to being an autumn I should never wear this color! So yes, I like all the different color coats you featured & plan to try another color for this winter! Great article!! Thanks for all your ongoing fashion tips & help, Cathy C.


I had my colours done years ago and as soon as I saw the coat I knew it was my pink. I do agree with ‘my’ colours but if you don’t you just have to wear what you like!


Wow – Lorraine looks gorgeous in that beautiful pink coat. I live in NYC and basically wore a black puffy coat almost daily last year because of the freezing weather. I would love to add a coat as lovely as this for days it warms up a little.


Love it


I love, love, love everything about Lorraine’s look. That hot pink is fabulous! I want!


Thank you Anja! It’s so good to know you girls love colour too! I want everybody to know that you don’t have to be invisible when you are older!


You may have found beautiful coats, but I want Lorraine’s one!!! PERFECT !! Beautiful. Love hot pink. Gorgeous… I am so enthusiastic about it. It suits her so well. (But it would suit me too haha.)


Oh Greetje! You are so funny! I would like to say you can have it but it definitely had my name on it! I love it so much and I can’t wait for some cold weather so that I can wear it and make everybody smile!

Petite Silver Vixen

The whole look is wonderful, so colourful. And I couldn’t agree more about bringing colour into your coat to brighten up dreary winter days. My main coat is navy but only because in my job I travel alot and it takes a battering but one of my dressier coats is a rich deep purple which I absolutely love.


I have a purple coat too!

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