Design your own shoes: here are some of the best sites

by Sylvia

Design your own shoes

It’s not always easy to find the right shoes. How often have you stumbled upon the perfect shoes, only to find that the heels are just too high. Or you just want to find shoes in a certain colour but cannot find any that is comfortable.

Online shoe designers can come to the rescue. These sites will allow you to create your own shoes from (almost) scratch. I sourced some of the best online shoe designer sites. So get your creative juices flowing and try them out!

Shoes of prey

Shoes of prey design your own shoes

This online store lets you choose of a multitude of colours and styles. Just choose your shape and colour and you’re done. It’s a fun process and you can even create shoes and sandals with several colours and patterns in one shoe. Fun!

Shoe Design Studio


Shoe Design studio also has a wide variety of colours and textures. Although it appears that they only have 4 shoe styles, you are able to completely change the shoe throughout the 7 steps. Change the heel height and which straps you like around the ankle (or not).

Nina Shoes

Nina Shoes

Nina Shoes has a more limited selection in terms of shoes, but it’s super easy to colour and create your final version. What do you think of my colourful parrot shoes?

Upper Street

Upper Street Shoes

Upper Street is a UK brand that comes with an easy to use online designer tool as well. Great for shoes with a difference, although I missed the flat sandals option here. Plenty of ballerina options to choose from though. Above you can see another one of my creations!

Chico Shoes

Chico Shoes

Chico Shoes gives you even more creativity. They can design your shoes based on your own sketch. A video is provided to show how to create a great sketch. If that is all a bit too difficult, you can also turn an inspiration piece, like a photo or a drawing you saw  somewhere else, and have that converted into a sketch.

Have you ever designed your own shoes? And have you tried any online shoe designers? Let me know! I would love to hear your feedback.


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*GASP* How have I not heard of these sites??? What an awesome concept. I’m going to play with them right now!! 🙂 Thanks, Sylvia!


It’s really fun Rita. If you like copy your creations and upload them to the forum!


Never knew these sites existed. Great topic. And you have designed your shoes so creatively. Love your parrot shoes. Would have bought those.
But I am too scared to do this. Not enough creativity myself and I don’t know whether the end result will fit my feet nicely. How do they look on my feet? Do they feel comfortable? Are they still as nice in reality as they are on the computer?
(Reading my own comment, I have come to the conclusion I am not much of a dare devil.)


Yes, I think it’s quite risky. I think they offer very precise measurements for your feet, so that you know you will have the right size. Designing online is quite a lot of fun though, so you can just play until you have something you like. You don’t even have to be too creative. If you’re just looking for a shoe in a particular colour, you just pick the shoe type, the colour and you’re done.
It’s definitely risky the first time, but once you have found an online shoe designer store that you like, I think it can be a great tool in your style box.


You forgot the best one :)! We offer the highest quality materials and most on trend styles and shapes (heels, platforms, etc.) among all of the design your own shoe sites. Take a look!


Thanks for letting me know. Your site looks great too!


Such a clever idea! Even if I’m not sure I’d take the chance on actually ordering shoes, I imagine one can have a lot of fun with these sites!


I guess the risk is about the same as ordering shoes from any other site…

Heather Fonseca

Wow Sylvia! I had no idea these sites were out there. I’m going to have to go check them out. It’s so hard to find good shoes where I live. Well, I can fin good shoes, just not ones I want.


If you ever try it, let me know how the experience was.

Marie S

I’ m not sure about this. I have such fussy feet that I need to try before I buy and even then sometimes get it wrong. Nice idea though. Marie S.


I designed and purchased a pair of gorgeous red pumps from Shoes of Prey in 2011 and they are just devine. It’s not cheap but definitely worth the money. The quality is brilliant and the shoe is exactly what I wanted.


Great feedback Deborah. Thanks for letting us know. Fantastic to read that it really works!


A friend of mine went to Upper Street after struggling to find shoes for her wedding. She wanted something a bit different for her big day, and they offer free style and fitting appointments in their Shoe Lounge in Highbury. I have heard amazing things from her about the service.
Her final shoes were gorgeous – somewhere I would definitely consider going, even if I don’t have the excuse of a wedding!


Thanks so much for your feedback Emma!


Joker’s Closet is my favorite one.
It’s so fun!
There is always a risk when buying online. I didn’t know what to expect. Their shoes are great quality and they fit.

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