23 colorful looks from the New York City ballet gala! What is your favorite?

by Sylvia

23 Colorful looks from the New York City ballet gala! What is your favorite? | 40plusstyle.com

What would you wear to a gala celebration? Would you wear neutral or opt for something bold and colorful?

These women choose the latter option and chose to embrace color.

Enjoy all these very diverse looks and styles and let me know which looks you like best! I have added a few comments of mine to the looks that most appealed to me.

1. Bold stripes

Bold and different and I love it. How fun that the gentleman matched the outfit.

2. Bold yellow


3. Layered comfort and elegance

This lady goes for comfort but she still looks elegant.


4. Fuchsia

Love the bright fuchsia dress on this woman.


5. Yellow and green

A refreshing color combination for the red carpet and this lady wears it well.


6. Lace


7. Bubbles


8. Pink flowers


9. Pink and red

Love the colors of this dress!


10. Bohemian flair


11. Pink pastel

I love the print and unique design of this dress.


12. Textured green


13. Orange, blue and black


14. Textured yellow


15. Arty blue

I’m always intrigued by the arty looks and want to get to know the woman who wears them!


16. Purple and blue


17. Red cocktail dress


18. Textured blue


19. Fuchsia elegance


20. Big smiles


21. Strapless purple


22. Strapless blue


23. Black and red


So would you wear color the gala? Let me know your favorite(s)!

(a kind reminder to be nice; I like to keep things positive at 40+Style. Just focus and comment on the looks that you like.)


Photography by Denton Taylor


1 Sam

All are stunning, but I love, 3, 10, and 15. These to me seem a little outside the box, yet completely in the spirit of the event and while I don’t know the women, seem to show a bit of personality. I really love the Arty Blue jump suit (15). Elegant, fun, and wow! I’d like to see it without the jacket-imagine it can be quite warm in a summer New York Theater, but cool after dark outside, so the versatility would work.

2 Patti

Pink and red, for certain, and the Bohemian look are my favorites, although all the women look smashing. xo

3 Paperesse

They were all stunning, but I rather liked the ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Bohemian Flair’.

4 Denise


5 lkla

Bohemian Flair and Green and Yellow. Both seem perfect for the woman.

6 Jodie filogomo

I love seeing the variety….how do you pick a favorite when they are all so interesting?? jodie
ps…I love these series…it’s my people watching from the computer!!

7 Beverly J. Taylor

All of them were pretty. I tink the fuchia dress is beautiful. It would be my choice.

8 Tami Von Zalez

My favorite is No. 2 – I recently found a yellow floral suit that I just adore!

9 aptlyvenus

3 and 5 take the honors, in my opinion
I think of “green and yellow” as green and GOLD, and she looks stunning and simple. But #3 is the essence of personal style = confidence, so I’m torn. Some of the other outfits are a whole lotta look, if you know what I mean.

10 Cathy D.

I love all of them and appreciate women who make an effort. Of course the ladies who are smiling look the best.

11 Greetje

Oh 9, the pink and red, beautiful. Also the bright fuchsia of number 4. Love the cheeky blue woman of number 18, she looks like fun (and “I don’t care a damn”).
But again I agree with your choice…. the woman of number 1: what a guts, what a style, what fun. And indeed, she got her husband to play along. Celebrating life.

12 Shawna

My favs are 3, 6, 10 and 16 though the dress in gold is not my colour so I’d need to change that. If I had the ability to fully dictate what I wanted there would be velvet involved, paisley and dusky jewel tones. I suspect solid, brightly coloured dresses photograph well but I am tired of them.

13 Hiluhilu

My vote goes to 15, 16 and 19 for beauty and color. Deep jewel tones seem to look lovely on many women, regardless of coloring or age. And while #1 is a little too “costumey” for my taste, its wearer looks happy and you can tell she is having fun! Kudos to her and her husband!

14 Melanie

For me, these photos underscore how a smile is your best accessory. On clothes alone, my fave outfits are bold yellow no. 2 and bubbles no. 7. Thanks for this run-down. (A cell phone on the red carpet. Reeeally?)

15 Petite Silver Vixen

I love the graphic print of 11. Pink Pastel. Elegant but striking. I love the dramatic colour of 4. Fuchsia and 9. Red and Pink. 7. Bubbles is fun and I like the ombre blue and lavender strapless number of 20. Big Smiles including the ladies big smiles. But I think for both drama, style, cut, flow of the material, the different textures in the outfit and sheer ‘je ne sais quoi’ it’s got to be 15. Arty Blue! And I agree with Melanie – what’s with the mobile phone!!!

16 betti

5 was definitely my favorite. I did like some of the blue dresses as well though.

17 valerie

Je vote nr 4, 9, 11 , 22. Elles semblent magnifiques.

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