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best bomber jackets

This season it’s all about casual chic. Styles have become more slouchy and relaxed and the challenge for women over 40 will be to combine this new relaxed, oversized and sometimes slouchy fit with clothes that are modern, chic and fitted  in order to create a modern balanced look.

One garment that you may like to consider is the bomber jacket. They can be dressed up or down and instantly give your outfits a young and hip vibe. They come in all kinds of fabrics from sheer chiffon, to faux fur, leather and cotton.
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fashion illustrator

Regular readers of this blog know that one of my favorite bloggers is Heather from The Style Confessions. I did an amazing interview with her on body confidence a while ago, that you may want to check out. It has some incredibly gutsy photos of her in bikini!

What she did not reveal, until recently, is that she is also a very talented fashion illustrator. Although I knew that she designed dolls as her profession, I was actually blown away by her amazing illustrations when she started sharing them on her blog. [click to continue…]


money and style

Money. What does it mean to you? Is it important? Would you like to have more? Does it create problems? Does it stand in the way of your style?

Money brings with it all kinds of emotions and it can certainly be a hot topic in dressing.

Can someone who spends a lot of money on clothing look effortlessly chic? Can someone who only shops at thrift stores look expensive and sophisticated? Can you relate to blogs that only feature high fashion brands?

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