What kind of shopper are you? |

Patti from the fabulous blog Not Dead Yet Style wrote an article a while ago titled What are we waiting for? It related to why some of us just don’t buy the things that we really like to have.

I thought this was such an interesting topic and wanted to bring it up on 40PlusStyle as well. [click to continue…]


best dresses with sleeves

Nothing is as easy and feminine like a great summer dress. However, many women over 40 don’t want to bear their arms. My friend Anja, who is one of them, wrote a great article on how to cover up your arms while still staying cool when you live in a warm climate. [click to continue…]

Swim suits for women over 40

An update on my article on swimwear with all the latest styles that you can purchase right now!

Are you looking forward to wear your bathing suit or bikini again, or are you dreading it?

Finding a great bathing suit is never easy so I’m here to help and have selected some of the best bathing suits for this summer. They are comfortable and flattering for women over 40 so you can be sure you step out on the beach or swimming pool in style. [click to continue…]

Wide pants short jacket - Build your seasonal wardrobe around a trend |

Now that summer is fast approaching we really need to start thinking about our summer wardrobe. Do we have everything we need to look fabulous this summer and feel wonderful? What pieces would really make a difference? [click to continue…]