Discovering Amsterdam by boat and how to dress for a boat trip

I’m back in Singapore and am left with lots of beautiful memories and photos from my holidays to sort through. I still want to share more photos of my trip to Namibia as I promised earlier, as well as some more photos taken inside my house, but first let’s start with some images from an outing that is still fresh in my mind.

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Why travel is important

I’m back from The Netherlands and trying to get used again to life in Singapore. As I get back into the swing of swings and create new and inspirational articles for all of you, here is an article I wrote a while ago but never published.

I would love to get your feedback on this and learn more about why you travel or how you holidays have been.

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New fashion finds: the best contemporary jewelry

I always love to discover new and unique jewelry and here are a couple of new brands I discovered at Blueprint and around Singapore! [click to continue…]


How to wear separates to a fashion lunch |

Although summer dresses were by far the most popular option at a fashion lunch a while ago, most of these women opted for separates and looking gorgeous all the same! [click to continue…]