I have got some questions for you today.

What are you wearing?

Is it something you feel happy in?

Reflect for a moment. How do these clothes make you FEEL?

Do they reflect who you are? Could I tell what kind of person you are from the clothes you wear?

Whoah! That’s a lot of questions you may think!

But honestly have you ever stopped to think about it?

Both how you FEEL in the clothes you wear and how others perceive you in it?

Did you realise that others make up their mind about you in just a few seconds?

If you want to feel good about yourself and give the right message to others, I believe these are important questions to ask yourself.

What I wear definitely has a major impact on my feelings on a particular day. If I feel happy with what I wear, I feel I can conquer the world and show my confident self to others.

If the clothes do not reflect who I am, I feel more insecure, less fabulous, often less vibrant. I find it more difficult to connect with people.

I also feel it’s important to give the right message about my personality to others. i want them to express that I’m a genuine, kind-hearted, entrepreneurial, serious yet funloving person that loves an adventure (or two) and that is ready to take on new challenges.

And I want to attract those same people too!

Does your style reflect who you are?

Whether you’re happy with your style right now or find yourself in a bit of a rut, it’s normal to go through changes.

Our style is always evolving.

Our preferences may change, as we get older, our body certainly changes and often our lifestyle changes as well.

I’m constantly adapting my style to the particular life phase I am in. I’ve lived in several countries and my style always evolved with it. As I got older I made subtle changes in how much I cover up and as I grew in confidence I’ve added more color and pattern. What got my style to another level 10 years ago is the increased use of accessories.

No matter where you are in your style journey right now, it’s always good to reflect and see if what you’re wearing reflects who you are and makes you happy and I can offer you some help with that.

I’m really excited to announce that I’m hosting a FREE 5 day Find Your Style challenge.

It’s a fun challenge where I together with style mentor Ruth will take you on a journey of self discovery when it comes to your style.

Participating is easy. All you need to do sign up here and you’re in!

You will then receive an email from me with all further details for this challenge.

Are you ready to express yourself in a way that fully reflects who you are and that makes you happy?

Join me!

Photos by Denton Taylor