The idea of a women’s vest without sleeves may seem a strange one. After all, why wear an outer layer which doesn’t add a lot in the way of warmth?

But, trust me, the long sleeveless vest can be your best friend when it comes to adding extra oomph to your style as well as helping to downplay the parts of your body you aren’t so keen on.

Below, find 4 reasons why you need a women’s sleeveless vest in your closet. We are also listing some of the best women’s sleeveless vests available in stores now.

Women’s sleeveless vests – Why do you need one?

Here are 4 reasons why you may want to acquire one of the stylish women’s sleeveless vests that we have featured below.

#1 Asleeveless vest is a great way to hide your belly

Wearing a sleeveless vest is a great way to  hide your belly.

That’s because layering with a vest creates long, vertical lines which skim over your body and have a slimming effect. The visual effect is that your torso is broken into three because you have the two lines of the vest and then a line in the middle.

#2 Wearing a women’s sleeveless vest can make you look slimmer or taller

I’m not saying that a long vest can magically take away a few pounds or add on a few inches, but it can definitely give the illusion of doing so.

Because a sleeveless vest creates lovely long vertical lines, it can give the impression that you are taller and slimmer than you really are.

This means sleeveless vests are a great option if you are petite or plus size. There are more tips on how to dress if you are petite here.

#3 Hiding your arms with a long sleeveless vest

Okay, I know, this seems counterintuitive. How on earth would you hide your arms with a vest which doesn’t have any sleeves? But, bear with me.

You could wear a lovely see-through or chiffon top to cover up your arms. Then, to provide a bit of extra coverage over your body, you can pop your sleeveless vest on.

There are more tips here on how to cover your upper arms.

#4 A sleeveless vest will add more style to your outfits

Of course, a sleeveless vest isn’t just a practical for figure flattery reasons. It is also an incredibly stylish option no matter what your size.

A sleeveless vest can add an extra element to an outfit which could otherwise be boring. You’ll often see fashion bloggers wearing a sleeveless vest over a striped dress or over jeans and a tee.

As a general rule, I would stick to either wearing a sleeveless top under your vest, or a long-sleeved or three-quarter length sleeve. Wearing a t-shirt can make the proportions of your outfit look a little off.

The most stylish women’s sleeveless currently in stores

So, now that I’ve (hopefully) convinced you of the merits of a sleeveless vest, if you don’t already love them, which one should you add to your closet?

Here are the most stylish women’s sleeveless vests options in stores now.

Long sleeveless vest

The most flattering style of sleeveless vest for most women is a long length vest like the one below from Vera Moda.

This creates lovely, long lines helping you to look taller and leaner.

If you opt for a shorter vest, which ends at your waist or at the point where your hips are widest, for example, this can be a harder style to wear.

This is because it can draw attention to the parts of your body that you don’t feel so confident about.Vera Moda long sleeveless vest

Long lightweight sleeveless vest, 47 reviews, 5 stars

You can see here how this long open front vest elongates the figure, creating a beautiful silhouette. Of course, it helps that this model is already very lean, but the effect works for anyone.

This long open front cardigan comes in a range of colors from Amazon.

Reviews say this vest is very soft, falls nicely and is a particularly good option for spring and fall.

“I was not expecting the awesome softness and the great quality! I’m so happy with it. Great buy for the price!” – Mars

Long black sleeveless vest styles for women over 40 |

long open front cardigan vest

Long asymmetrical vest, 5 star reviews

This outfit (below) is a good example of how a sleeveless vest can add style.

This outfit is just a simple pair of black skinny jeans and a white vest top, but adding a vest over the top as a layer adds pizzazz.

The asymmetrical detailing on the hem of this cardigan-style vest adds extra interest.

For more options on asymmetrical items check out some of the best asymmetrical clothes here.

This vest from Amazon comes in 17 different colors so you should find a shade to suit you.

One reviewer says she has bought this in multiple colors because it is a great length and you can pair it with anything. Another review praises this piece as being a great garment for dressing up a plain outfit.

“I have purchased this vest in multiple colors. I love the fit. The material isn’t heavy so it has a pretty flow with just about anything I pair it with.” – Dani

How to wear a long asymmetrical vest |

Long asymmetrical vest

Faux fur sleeveless vest

Wearing a faux fur vest for transitional dressing |

best asymmetrical clothes here

A faux fur vest like this one (below)  by Via Spiga can be a great addition to your spring or fall closet, particularly if you have a bohemian style personality.

You could wear with jeans, or you could put it over a floral midi or maxi dress to make sure your summer dresses are warm enough to wear during spring and fall. Add a floppy hat and some boots to finish your look.

“True to it’s size and so easy to wear yet looking elegantl. I also like it’s versatility – it can be worn in so many ways and styles. Absolutely love it!” – MrsSchuey

Faux fur vests for women over 40 |

Via Spiga faux fur vest

women’s sleeveless jacket, 57 reviews, 4 stars

A sleeveless jacket is similar to a sleeveless vest but it usually is more tailored. You’ll usually find this style has a structured collar like that of a trench coat or blazer.

This sleeveless jacket is very versatile. You could wear it open to create a sleek line or you could choose to belt it at the waist and wear with either jeans or pants.

“It is very lightweight and flows nicely when you walk.” – Bess

Stylish sleeveless jackets |

sleeveless jacket

Black women’s vest

Black is always a popular color as many women believe it has a slimming effect. This isn’t always true, and black can also have a draining effect on your skin tone.

But, wearing a black vest means you can wear a different color underneath to lighten up, or brighten up, your overall look.

This ribbed vest is by Ming Wang.

Black sleeveless vests for women over 40 |

Ming Wang vest

Denim vest for women

how to style a denim vest |

best asymmetrical clothes here

A denim vest can be a tricky style to pull off. Most denim vests are the same length as a denim jacket would be. But, you can use that as a reference point and style them in the same way you would your denim jacket.

You could wear your denim vest over summer dresses and team with ankle booties. Or, you could wear over a crisp white shirt.

KUT from the Kloth denim vest

Long lace vest

A longline vest doesn’t have to be kept for the colder months. You could add a lightweight piece such as this lace vest for summer.

This means you don’t add a lot of warmth, but you can still use layering to skim over parts of your body in the summer months.

“The vest hits around mid-butt on the backside & drapes down beautifully to just above my knees.” – SouthernGlam

Long lace vest

Sleeveless sweater

You could opt for a vest which is in a sweater fabric, for when you don’t want to wear a full sweater or cardigan.

This plus-size version by Foxcroft comes in a range of colors.

stylish sleeveless sweater vests for warmth AND style |

Sweater-style sleeveless vest

Women’s vest that accentuates the waist

This sleeveless wrap top from Vince Camuto could be worn as a vest with another top underneath.

Rather than creating a vertical line, this one accentuates the waist.

The most stylish sleevless tops for women over 40 |

Sleeveless wrap top by Vince Camuto

Do you already have a long sleeveless vest in your closet?

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