Why it’s good to have more accessories than clothes

by Sylvia

Why it's good to have more accessories than clothes

I believe in the power of accessories. I believe they transformed my personal style and I feel that an outfit is not quite finished without them.

Today, I’d like to make a case on why it’s better to have a lot of accessories rather than a lot of clothes.

I know that a lot of you, including me, want to do more with less. Especially after watching a film like the True Cost which shows how much over consumption there is for clothing especially.

Another issue of having too many clothes is that it becomes ever MORE difficult to dress and storage becomes increasingly more problematic.

However, if you are like me, you like variety and don’t want to step out in the same outfit every day.

That’s where accessories can really help.

How about you own LESS clothes but instead have MORE accessories?

Here is why I think that balance is a better idea:

  • Accessories will allow you to create many more variations with your clothes that look fresh and new. Have a look at how accessories transformed this burgundy dress.
  • Accessories will allow you to wear almost any color you like or have already in your closet.
  • Accessories will allow you to dress up or down your existing clothes so no need to buy special ‘evening’ clothes. Have a look at these examples.
  • Accessories (apart from shoes) take up a lot less storage space than clothing. You can get very creative with this and even make your storage solution part of your decor.

How to store your shoes and accessories? | 40plusstyle.com

Certainly Joyce Carpati agrees with me. Remember what she said in her recent style interview.

Joyce Carpati on style | 40plusstyle.com


What do you think?

Could you have less clothes, if you started to use more accessories in your outfit?


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1 Patti

I agree as well! Just found a gorgeous new scarf yesterday that will change up several of my basic looks. Thanks for this, Sylvia,



2 Rebecca

Terrific Skype interview! I have taken your earlier courses and am looking forward to the accessories course. I do love interesting jewelry which I have collected over the years but fall short in other areas of accessories such as bags, shoes, etc. Unfortunately I am somewhat technologically challenged about posting photos so any tips you can give about doing this in the course will be helpful.


3 beate

accessories rules! 🙂
when i was a young and poor design student in berlin i had only a black skirt suit and a pair of 501s – both vintage and a couple of black t-shirts. but with different shoes, stockings, belts, bags, shawls, hats and some statement jewelry i was always dressed in a cool and interesting style. and still – my accessories are legion and often more expensive then the clothes – especially shoes…..
i hope a lot of women will take your course – it can make our world in a better one in the end – in many ways 🙂


4 Greetje

I am excited to start the course and I will watch your videos now.


5 Anna

Hi Sylvia, I am totally with you on the importance of accessories, I love them too. Interestingly, I just published a short post very similar to what you are teaching at your course. Please check it out http://lookingfabulousat50.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/how-to-wear-caftan-dress-from-pool.html

Thanks Anna


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