How can a punctual person be always late all of a sudden?

by Sylvia

Why am I late

I have a confession to make.

I can get very picky on punctuality. If I make an appointment and you show up very late, you may find me very irritated.

To me showing up very late to an appointment is almost like an insult. It feels like you are not respecting my time.

Imagine my shock then, that lately it’s me who can’t seem to be able to show up on time anymore! What happened to my very prompt self? Did I not always show up at least 5 minutes early? What has changed?

I think the answer lies in grooming.

Or the fact that as I have gotten older I need more of it.  Like many of you I believe that a good appearance DOES matter, and lately I make more of an effort. I guess that there is more to cover up too.

Now this should not be a problem in itself. You just get yourself ready a bit earlier right?

Here is where self-delusion sets in.

For some reason, I still believe that I’m a ‘ready in 5 minutes’ kind of a girl. I mean, that has been the case for most of my life! It does not seem to register in my brain that I’m more of a 30 minutes or even 45 minutes kind of girl now.

Here are just some of the things I do now, that I did not use to do before:

  • I actually try to do something creative with my clothes
  • I apply makeup
  • I may even put on some mascara
  • I try to get the frizz out of my hair, which usually involves ironing
  • I select the perfect handbag for my outfit and change over my stuff
  • I take lots of stuff, like my camera and other necessities
  • I pay attention to my shoes and need to make a selection from my growing collection

You could say that I have become higher maintenance.

So this article serves partly as reminder to my brain that this is now the new reality. This means that I need to get away from my computer at least 25 min earlier than I THINK I will need to.

Let’s hope it works and that I will once again be that prompt girl I used to be.

I also wonder if I’m the only one who has seen some changes in behaviour. Have you ever experienced something similar? Did it have to do with ageing?


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1 denton

Hmm, this is interesting. Of course I wear the same no fashion stuff I always did, so no change for me. I would be angry at myself also if I was consistently late. My wife is spending more time on clothing selection that she did when younger, but it has come slowly and she has adapted the time.


2 Sylvia

I will need to do the same!


3 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I am one of those compulsive on-time types. If I mess with my hair more, I am afraid my outfit will suffer as an offset!


4 Sylvia

Great Patti. My kind of girl!


5 Lorraine

I hate being late and I hate rushing so I try to leave myself plenty of time but I do find that I often seem to scramble to get out of the door. I think I have to accept that it takes longer to look good as you get older!


6 Sylvia

One of my resolutions for the next year. Get ready earlier and be on time again!


7 Deborah

Sylvia, loved reading this:). Sadly I have always been high maintenance and I am definitely
a ready in, at the earliest, an hour girl. The one thing I have added wit more intention recently is concealer under the eye and that actually adds a littler, time wise, to my morning routine:)


8 Sylvia

haha I have not started doing that. The thing is, there is so much to conceal under my deep eyes, I’m not even going to bother….


9 Madame Là-Bas

I find that I need to allow an hour for preparation. If I need to defrizz hair, I will use the full hour. It does take more time, as I get older and more aware of my appearance.


10 Sylvia

Yes hair is the time-killer. Much easier now on holiday in air dry Netherlands. Hair does not frizz as much as in Singapore…


11 Anja van der Vorst

I always have been and still am a 10 minutes-too-early-gal;-).

I need time after waking up to gain some energy to get started. So that for me is my time-consuming part.

I hate rushing. Rushing makes me stressed and clumpsy.

But the actual time of getting ready, what you gals call grooming;-), is not that long. Make-up 5 minutes, hair 5 minutes, dressing and accessorizing can be anything between 5 to 20 minutes. (The 20 is when I cannot make up my mind about what to wear.)


12 Sylvia

Wow Anja, I’m impressed that you can get ready so quickly. Your hair is your saviour. So easy to manage with all your tricks!


13 Greetje

I can do my make-up in 15 minutes but it usually takes 25. Finding the right clothes to wear is something I do the night before. Partly because I have to get up earlier than my husband during the week and I don’t want to disturb him. But also because it can take between 15 minutes to an hour before I have everything ready. That hour is when I decide I want to create a new combination. Which I am notoriously bad at.
Like you I don’t want to be late myself, neither do I want people to be late to arrive at my doorstep. However, in the morning I always get distracted by so many things that I leave 15 minutes too late. Fortunately never meeting anybody.


14 Tat

” to get away from my computer at least 25 min earlier than I THINK I will need to.”
A good piece of advice for me. Thank you.


15 Lorraine

Ha ha! I think you have hit the nail on the head. This is often my problem!


16 Lisa

I find if I lay everything out the night before — clothing, jewelry, accessories — I’m fine. I can go from out the shower to out the door in 15 minutes. My makeup and hair routines are streamlined unless it’s a special occasion and I decide I want to fuss more. Knowing this, you would think that I would ALWAYS lay things out the night before, but truth is I seldom do. Maybe that should be one of my resolutions.


17 LC

I’ve always lived by the mantra, “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.” Sometimes it works for me, sometimes it doesn’t.


18 Sylvia

Great mantra LC!


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