I have a confession to make.

I can get very picky on punctuality. If I make an appointment and you show up very late, you may find me very irritated.

To me showing up very late to an appointment is almost like an insult. It feels like you are not respecting my time.

Imagine my shock then, that lately it’s me who can’t seem to be able to show up on time anymore! What happened to my very prompt self? Did I not always show up at least 5 minutes early? What has changed?

I think the answer lies in grooming.

Or the fact that as I have gotten older I need more of it.  Like many of you I believe that a good appearance DOES matter, and lately I make more of an effort. I guess that there is more to cover up too.

Now this should not be a problem in itself. You just get yourself ready a bit earlier right?

Here is where self-delusion sets in.

For some reason, I still believe that I’m a ‘ready in 5 minutes’ kind of a girl. I mean, that has been the case for most of my life! It does not seem to register in my brain that I’m more of a 30 minutes or even 45 minutes kind of girl now.

Here are just some of the things I do now, that I did not use to do before:

  • I actually try to do something creative with my clothes
  • I apply makeup
  • I may even put on some mascara
  • I try to get the frizz out of my hair, which usually involves ironing
  • I select the perfect handbag for my outfit and change over my stuff
  • I take lots of stuff, like my camera and other necessities
  • I pay attention to my shoes and need to make a selection from my growing collection

You could say that I have become higher maintenance.

So this article serves partly as reminder to my brain that this is now the new reality. This means that I need to get away from my computer at least 25 min earlier than I THINK I will need to.

Let’s hope it works and that I will once again be that prompt girl I used to be.

I also wonder if I’m the only one who has seen some changes in behaviour. Have you ever experienced something similar? Did it have to do with ageing?


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