what to wear to a christmas or holiday party? Here are 6 outfit ideas to choose from!

by Sylvia

what to wear to a christmas or holiday party? | 40plusstyle.com

Party season is approaching and you may have several holiday parties or christmas parties to attend.

So what should you wear?

There are several options and outfit formulas for holiday parties.

1. A dress

You can never really go wrong with a knee-high dress. However, it may be important for you to choose one that keeps you both warm and comfortable. A stretchy dress with long sleeves may be the way to go. If you choose one without too much glitter, you can wear it year-round!

If your party is a bit more formal or you want to add a bit more glamour, go for a lovely sparkly dress! Lace is also popular. Have a look at all the beautiful dresses from Tadashi Shoji, who has a great collection of party dresses.

For even more formal events, a long dress will be very chic and I have included a few options at the bottom of this article.


2. Pants and a beautiful top

If you are more comfortable in pants, then wearing dressy pants with a beautiful top is a great option too.

One big advantage is that you can mix and match both items so you could swap them around for different parties. Try to go for a top that is slightly more special. It may have a special shape or drape, a bit of sparkle or an interesting print or pattern.

3. A jumpsuit

I have never worn a jumpsuit but have seen many examples of women looking absolutely stunning in them. They are trickier to fit though and a good fit is essential for this look.

Keep your overall jumpsuit simple and add some special accessories.



4. Pants, blouse and a beautiful jacket

Dressy trousers or good quality skinnies with a blouse and jacket can look very chic. An advantage of this formula is that it will keep you comfortably warm.

Play with silk scarves or beautiful accessories to make this look extra special.

5. Skirt and knitted top

Skirts are very hip this season. This may be a good option if you like to wear a knitted sweater. Combining a knee-high or longer straight or pencil skirt with a knitted sweater is a very fashionable option this season. Combine with closely fitting ankle booties.


6. Keep your outfit simple and let your jewelry stand out

Another great formula for holiday parties is just to choose a simple classic look. It could be a black jumpsuit as described above or a simple black and white outfit.

Then choose a special necklace or stunning earrings to make the look special. This could be the time to get your precious jewelry out of your jewelry cabinet or make a statement with a bold necklace!

Some of the items featured above are currently available online. Where possible I have also selected some alternatives. Happy shopping or use as inspiration!

Have you planned any of your holiday party and christmas outfits yet? Which holiday party dressing formula appeals to you the most?


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I *love* the navy lace dress – perfect for a wedding or any occasion. Our office party means jeans and a “nice” sweater : >



Ah pity Patti. Sometimes it’s just fun to dress up. Don’t you think?


Greetje Kamminga

Great options. If I had to buy something I would go for the dresses with lace arms. Great for me. But as it happens… I have quite enought items in the closet for a few parties. But, as it happens… no parties hahaha.
Never mind. I am not a party person, so that is fine.
Furthermore I have my lovely new black and white dress (if I can forget the fact it creases) and I have a beautiful black dress (with or without peplum). I am good.



Good thinking Greetje! As I will be in the Netherlands at that time, perhaps we can create our own party. Perhaps something with our men and together with Anja also?


Greetje Kamminga

Hmmm.. knowing Ron…. I don’t think that is going to happen. LOL



Oh how I wish that Robert had opulent office parties like there used to be years ago when he worked as a corporate lawyer. Now it is rare that any offices have parties and if they do, the spouses aren’t invited. Rubbish!

So…as far as holiday parties it will be the ones we decide to go to like dances, which we will go to, but then the attire must good for dancing, so a dress yes, but probably not one of the long vintage ones I’m dying to wear.

For me the outfit I really liked is that jumpsuit. Something so modern about a jumpsuit. Plus they are crazy comfortable.




How fun that you have at least a few dancing parties Suzanne! Yes I like the jumpsuits too. Perhaps I should try one this season….. I DO have a 50th wedding anniversary to attend…..



I never have an occassion to dress up for holidays (fancy clothing is not recommended for combat dining with the relatives). I could go to office parties, but I see all of those people at work so not my idea of a relaxing good time. In my alternate universe, if I were invited to a fundraising evening or something like that, I might go for a sparkly skirt in a deep purple/burgundy with a pretty cream/light grey cashmere jumper. 🙂



Oh that sounds like a lovely outfit Rita!



The lace dresses featured here are close to $300! Beautiful but waaay out of my price range.



Sorry about that Erin. There are a few cheaper ones as well but, but it’s not always easy to find many great looking cheaper items. Also these posts are offered as inspiration for your own shopping. It will make it easier for you to spot something good (and cheaper) when you go shopping yourself as you know what to look out for.



Lots of great ideas for everyone and no excuses that we don’t know what to wear for any event this Christmas. Many thanks Sylvia.



All very nice outfits Sylvia 🙂 I really like the sparkly straight skirt – I would wear it with a black empire-line top that would sit on my hips. I don’t have any parties to go to this year, which is fine by me 🙂 but it’s nice to see what’s out there this year.


Karen Morris

Hi. I have a question. My husband’s boss has a Christmas party coming up at their home. While it’s not semi or formal last year I felt so underdressed compared to everyone else. I don’t wear heels or flats. I wear over the knee boots and want a look to compliment my boots. My options are black, brown, bordeaux(red) and navy blue. My purse is navy blue with silver hardware and my jewelry is silver. What should I pair with my boots without looking ridicolous. I am 5’3 and weigh about 130 pounds with waist length hair in my 40’s.



Hard for me give you feedback here but I would say a straight belted dress. You may like to join the 40+Style private Facebook community and ask your question there. https://www.facebook.com/groups/782091558519138/


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