The sales have started; this is what I will be looking out for

by Sylvia

What to buy this summer

Yesterday I wrote about how to avoid buying mistakes. Once you have made the lists I suggested in that article, it’s time to start thinking about what  you would like to find in the sales. The coming 2 months are my 2 big shopping months. All summer clothes will go on sale and this is usually the time where I try to buy some high quality clothes for the coming year. This year I plan to go shopping in Singapore, Amsterdam, Haarlem, London and probably some other European cities. Very excited!

Apart from getting those lists together and getting a clear idea about your style, it is also good to know which special items you are hoping to find. Luckily this has now been made a whole lot easier with the help of Pinterest. For the last couple of months I have kept track of everything I liked, so all I have to do now, is to go back to my boards and see what inspired me.

Adding more colour

Most of all I want to add more colour to my wardrobe. I feel that colour becomes more important as you go older and I found that I feel just so much better wearing it. Other people seem to agree. So here are the kind of items I’m looking for.

on my wishlist

I have no idea how a jumpsuit would look on me, but if I bump into a nice one I will try it on!

Black and white

The other board that I will take inspiration from is the black and white board. Although I’m going to try and stay away from other neutrals, I find black and white such a modern and versatile look that I wouldn’t mind owning a few well-designed pieces. Since I get tired of coloured prints quite quickly, I think it may be great to add some black and white prints to my wardrobe.

black and white style

Looking at future trends

I will also look at the collections for the coming Fall and look at my own trend predictions for Fall and Winter 2012. I need to know that whatever I’m going to buy is not completely out of style the coming season. Prints and colour are still going to be popular as well as one of my favorite looks: dresses over pants. Capris are still hot, and there will be lots of leather.

In the end I don’t have a very clear plan and I may end with completely different things than mentioned above. My main objective this year is wearable colour and I will just have to see what I bump into! Most of all I want to have fun shopping and find some unique new designs. I hope to come across a few good summer hats too!

All original sources from images can be found on my black & white inspiration and colour inspiration boards. 

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I will choose Leighton’s outfit!



I find shopping in the sale quite often disappointing. It happens a lot that they do not have the desired item in your size. Or the best things have already been snapped up. But I agree that shopping during the sales instead of paying full price is of course ever so clever. I never have the patience. When a new season starts I am in the shops and making all the retailers happy. So by the time sales starts I am broke and my closet is full.
I have the reputation of “singlehandedly keeping the economy going” haha.


Greetje, you are too funny! I have become more patient. Never used to be a sale shopper, but my taste has got more expensive and I have learned that some of my favorite brands have good consistent sales, with often quite a few items still in my size. So if I don’t urgently need a new dress, then I will wait. Of course, it’s always better to snap up a perfect item straight away if you need something. The other thing is of course, that I only visit Europe in the summer when everything is already on sale. Many of the clothes are new to me and it’s on sale. Win Win!


By the way, good luck on your shopping trips. I wish you lots of willpower to resist things that are not quite right. So you still have money when you find the most ideal item.


I have already succumbed to a few items…..


I am quite sure you will approve of the black and white outfit, which I have uploaded on your Style Forum.
Once combined with a green bag and once with a red shopping bag. For the necessary pop of colour. I am learning, I am learning. I used to always combine it with a black bag. Anja and I will have a go at it to see whether we can make the outfit even more interesting.


Well done Greetje. It does look so much more interesting with a different colour bag!

Heather Fonseca

You’re so organized! I just shop. I don’t always have time for this so when I do go to the mall I usually spend too much, but I usually like what I get. I usually have something in the back of my mind, but since that doesn’t always work out I do sometimes just fall in love with something and get that.


I usually also just shop, but I find that it does help to think first…. Otherwise I just end up with things I don’t really need.


I noticed you had made a comment about finding a jumpsuit. I have done a feature on them this week. Fancy having a look? Vicky (

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