What dress would you be wearing to the Oscars this year?

by Sylvia

best dresses from sag awards

Interesting question from IFB and quite honestly, one I don’t have an easy answer for. Of course going to the Oscars would be a dream, but there may be another important occasion that you may want to choose a dress for. There are many things to consider when choosing your perfect dress for something like the Oscars:

  1. Do you want to stand out?…
  2. or do you want to play it safe?
  3. Do you want to be fashion forward?..
  4. or do you want a timeless dress?
  5. Do you want to be comfortable for the night?…
  6. or do you sacrifice your comfort to look absolutely stunning and sexy?
  7. Which dresses have you previously liked at lot?

Where to start? In this instance, I think it would be good to really know your style, and perhaps even your style statement, so you can fall back on what you know will be right. It also helps if you know your own personality. Would you mind if you ended up on the worst dressed list, even though you felt amazing on the night? Would your nerves cope? Would you be comfortable in a strapless dress or would you worry the whole night wether or not the dress will stay in place?

Ask yourself what is important to you

Let’s take myself as an example here. Let’s try to be honest.

1. Do I want to stand out? Yes, I would, but I am not sure if I have the confidence and nerve to pull it off. I’m tempted to go for a safer dress, perhaps timeless black and white?

2. But then again, I don’t really want to play it safe either. This would be my time to shine, time to get noticed. The last thing I want to be, is boring.

3. Yes, I like trends so would want to be fashion forward, but I don’t want to be a fashion victim!

4. It would be nice if my dress was timelessly beautiful. You never know, this may be my only time at the Oscars, and those photos will keep coming back forever. Better not choose something that will look awful in 3 years time.

5 / 6. Yes, I think I want to be comfortable. I think it would show if my dress were too tight, or I would be afraid if it stays on my body.

7. Have a look at some of the dresses I liked from the recent SAG awards.

Where to start choosing?

With those answers in mind, a good place to start, are the recent spring 2012 couture collections, which feature some fabulous gowns.

Best evening gowns chanel Elie saab Jean Paul Gaultier

I like Chanel’s dropped waistline dress which features a bit of color as well, but unfortunately, I would find it too dark.

I like their light blue dress as well, although it looks a bit too sweet.

I love Jean Paul Gaultier’s simple tight dress, but it is a bit too bright and perhaps a bit too body hugging.

I like the color of the Elie Saab dress, but I think this dress would be too romantic and there is a little too much going on.

Best evening gowns Armani Prive

I really liked the collection of Armani Prive. I actually really love this color green (although I don’t wear it much, it’s featured a lot in the the decor of my house) and think that would be a perfect color to wear to the Oscars this year.

I really like the dress on the left, but would want it to be a bit more green.

I love the color and texture of the gown in the middle, but the cut is a bit too princess like.

The last is a bit too shimmery.

Not easy picking a dress! Nothing seems to be quite right.

What I would really want is the first dress with perhaps a bit more assymatry and one over the shoulder piece (for comfort as well), as shown in the picture on the left. I guess that if it were true that I would go to the Oscars this year, I would have to have a little chat with Mr. Armani. I’m sure that between the 2 of us, we could create the perfect dress for me to wear to the Oscars and I could accept my award(s) in style!

Now I would LOVE to hear from you. Have you ever thought about what you would wear to the Oscars? Have you seen anything from the collections that you would consider wearing? How would you answer the questions above?

Images from Style.com

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That’s how it goes in the stores, too. This one’s not quite right here, that one’s not quite right there…. 🙂

Love your posts! Please keep writing!


Hi Tanya, that is true. That’s why it’s important to be patient (not my strong point) and keep on looking until you find that perfect piece. Or know exactly what you want and have it tailored so that the garment fits you perfectly.

Thank you so much for your kind words and your feedback. It does really motivate me to keep writing useful and entertaining articles!


Anything I would wear would have sleeves (even if small) and allow for the wearing of a high quality, functional bra. I would probably shamelessly copycat Michelle Obama, who looks perfectly classy everywhere she goes. Maybe that red Alexander McQueen dress (I seem to remember her catching flak from our political crazies for wearing it, but it was perfect).


Thanks for the feedback Cynthia. Yes, that Alexander McQueen dress would be great!


After looking at all of the women who walked the red carpet at the SAG Awards last night I think I would most want to be Kyra Sedgwick. Her Emilio Pucci red dress was cut to show just enough skin but was covered up enough for comfort. I also thought her hair was sexy and her accessories were tasteful. She stood out just enough.


Yes, that was a nice dress also. There were no real standouts for me. I guess many are keeping their most amazing dress for the Oscars. I look forward to seeing that! Someone should wear that color green I proposed above….

Heather Fonseca

I think the most important thing to think about for the oscars is 1) how the dress moves on camera and 2) how it looks posed for the cameras. What stands out for me aren’t the great dresses but the really awful ones!


Yes, very true. Perhaps that should be your strategy if you want to be truly memorable! I still adore Bjork and will never forget her!


That’s not all that easy! Shopping for a dress to the Oscars would be overwhelming! After spending hours trying on dresses and finally finding the perfect one..Then you’ll be asking yourself.. What bra will i wear? Which shoes should i buy? etc..
I would love my dress to be beautiful! But yet very comfortable to wear…


I think I would find it enormously stressful! Although I’m quite happy with the solution I came up with above…

The Style Crone

I’m a ‘gown lover’ in general, and of course prefer vintage. So I loved your photos. Makes me want to try on one of my beauties just for fun!


It must be fun to have so many beauties in your closet!


I would never want to wear anything sleeveless, and would prefer 3/4 sleeves with a slight plunging neckline. I’ve been to lots of formal weddings and have many evening gowns but sometimes I just like to play it safe and go with a great classic black dress and enhance it with accessories.


Yes, I can understand that choice of dress, which great for many women over 40. I still like sleeveless dresses for myself (for now), but if I was living in a colder climate I would want to have something warmer.


Great post! I live in Sweden and I stay awake all night when the Oscars appear. I like the ladies who dont’t play it safe, like Michelle Williams, Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron …


Me too! Let’s not criticise the risk takers so much when they get in wrong one time (in our eyes). If we did that, more women would take risks, and it would be a whole lot more interesting!

Fashion Scanner

Interesting post!
Can’t wait to see what the nominees and stars will be sporting on the red carpet at the Oscars…

Hopefully we’ll see some of the gorgeous gowns from Elie Saab’s Spring 2012 collection!!


Thanks! I’m still betting on someone wearing that green color I featured. I hope so….

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